Saturn return in Aquarius

Saturn return Aquarius

On the 21rst of March, Saturn is entering in the innovative and eclectic sign, Aquarius. However, it will only stay in Aquarius until the 1rst of July 2020 and will return to Aquarius on the 17th of December 2020, after which it will stay there until 7th of March 2023.

For many of you beginning 30s/60s/90s generation, this means your Saturn return is coming up. Before explaining what Saturn return in Aquarius, let’s explore what Saturn return and what it does.

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What is Saturn return?

Saturn return could be simply explained that the planet Saturn is returning to the position in the constellation of when you are born. This takes between 27 – 30 years, which is basically the age when you are going through your first Saturn return. It will happen again around 57 – 60 and if you are blessed with a long life 87 – 90.

The planet Saturn is the planet of karma, since karma just means action/ going, it means that there will be some sort of check if you are on the right path. With the imprint of your birth chart, it will see how far you got into your true soul path and if you learned your lessons.

Many people are going through big changes during this age, they will get into a serious relationship, have children, start their own company, move countries or stop all of it to change. The big word therefore is, usually CHANGE is happening. This can be small or large depending on how you have lived your life so far.

If you have been lazy and not added up to your Saturn lessons, you will have a though time, if you worked hard towards these Saturn goals, your reward is waiting for you. Sometimes, scary changes may seem as a threat, but it could be a reward as well.

Saturn through the houses

Let’s do a short recap on what Saturn means through the houses and what you can do about it, so you can focus on those goals.

Saturn in the first house

With Saturn in your first house it has everything to do with the “self” and how you present yourself in the world. An invisible burden is tied to your back and shoulders, as if you feel limited and carry the world with you.

Work on your self-image, and try to take things lightly. You are just as beautiful as everyone else, and the world has a spot for you!

Saturn in the second house

Saturn in your second house all has to do with your money and how much you think you are worth. Work on your self-worth and your income will increase, value yourself and others and be grateful for all the materials in life.

Saturn in the third house

When Saturn is in your third house you may feel you have been deprived from proper education and/ or you are struggling expressing yourself. Start telling people how you feel and keep a journal! You will be surprised, how many people want to listen to your wise words.

Saturn in the fourth house

Are you having a though time to connect with the roots of yourself, like your family. They might be a slight burden to you but see the beauty in caring for them.

If you believe in past lives as I do, they might have helped you in the past and now they need some help in return. Do not be afraid dear soul, they absolutely love you and the divine sees what you are doing for them! Make peace with your past.

Saturn in the fifth house

Having fun in your spare time seems like a difficult job? Are you having trouble dating and/ or getting yourself out there. Life is not always a suppression, light up and try to have some fun, you deserve it! Create some beautiful art and flow with life’s possibilities.

Saturn in the sixth house

Keep your routines in check Saturn in the sixth house. What does your health look like? Are you eating healthy? Have you been working in a job, or did you try to avoid routines?

Now is the time to keep your motion in check and since this is the house of pets, maybe get yourself something furry and fluffy. Service is another key, how can you be at service to yourself and to others? This can be easily transformed into a job.

Saturn in the seventh house

Is your partner restricting you? Do you feel like your relationship is bringing you limitations. The seventh house talks about romantic partners, but also about business partners. Get in check with the other person and give them some space. Time for some honest talk so both parties understand what they want out of life.

Saturn in the eight house

Is your life going through a lot of rebirths? Are you restricting yourself from your own sexuality? This house is all about owning your sexuality, going through life – death – rebirth cycles and surprisingly it also has to do with joint finances and debts.

With Saturn in your eight house, think twice about joint finances, get everything right on paper before entering some sort of joint venture (any partnership).

Saturn in the ninth house

Are you brought up in the restriction of strict religion? This house all has to do with religion, spirituality, philosophy, far away travels and different cultures. Make up your own thoughts what is life for you and what does it mean. Ready this article is already a step up to an open mind! Well done.

Saturn in the tenth house

Is the spotlight making you shy? Are you the one that thinks it takes mountains to be seen? This house is all about your ambitions, how you want the world to see you and authority.

You can become authority, as you bring a serious vibe to the table and people tend to listen to you. Only you have to believe in yourself.

Saturn in the eleventh house

Making friends is difficult for you? This house all has to do with your friends and how you present yourself in groups. Furthermore, it is how you think you are perceived in groups.

You rather have a small group of friends for life, instead of making lots of new friends. Try to be open to new people and see what it brings you!

Saturn in the 12th house

Do you want to improve things on a larger scale? This is the last house in astrology which all has to do with solitude, higher purpose and serving on a larger scale.

Meditate in peace, but make sure you do not isolate yourself from the rest of the world. Do some charity and think how you can serve this planet, and fulfillment is coming your way. The 12th house in astrology is truly a mystery.

What Saturn in Aquarius means for you

As an “airy” sign, this is the sign of intellect, progression and social interaction. Aquarius wants to be part of a larger group and explore what differences unites us.

Always curious, Aquarius is looking for ways to improve humanity without getting too attached, as air signs are know for their detached view of gathering information.

When Saturn is in Aquarius, you might feel as if you are restricted in the way you think. Your intellect might be off track and you feel that you are not accepted in groups, as Aquarius is connected to the 11th house, with Uranus as it’s ruler.

You can check out your own chart and see where Saturn is placed in your chart and read one of the descriptions above. The trick in finding your place in group’s is to find your own unique self. What makes you special?

What makes you stand out and what do you have similar to other people. The sign Leo wants to be special, but Aquarius wants to bring his or her own uniqueness to the group.

Work on new progressive projects and/ or thoughts and share them with the group. You might be surprised how accepted you are. Make weird the new trend and by this you accept yourself.

My own Saturn Return experience

Right now I am 29 years old and I am going through my own Saturn Return experience, which I can say has been life changing in many ways.

My first Saturn return started last year in February 2019. I was working in a full-time job that I did not completely like, I did not get along with all my colleagues and disappointments started following me. I realized I was not on the right path. After losing my job, my house and my money several times, it was time for change.

The same month I decided to do an astrology course. I have been studying astrology by myself for more than 2 years and I decided that I want support from someone experienced. After spending a few months on the course, I thought it was time to go out there and combine astrology with my psychic talent’s.

After 5 months of Saturn Return (Saturn retrogrades as well), I quit my job and I started my own SEO and Content Agency plus my astrology readings. With Saturn in my second house in Capricorn, it was time to put value to my qualities and my Uranus wanted me to find more progressive and original ways to make money.

Last January 2020, with the Saturn/ Pluto conjunction, I was diagnosed with a heart condition that lead me to stop drinking alcohol, the anti conception pill and leading a more healthy life style as I am forwarding in my spiritual path.

Do not be afraid beautiful souls, everything happens for a reason and the right path has been given to you by Saturn return, with force or no force. Besides all this, I am moving countries within 2 months where I hope to reside for the upcoming years.


Everything in life happens for a reason, always trust your path and change is not always something bad. At first you might be scared as I was similarly, but it led me to a more wonderful life. A life without surprises is not bringing you a lot. Be open, accept the changes and go along with it.

If you are stuck in your ways during your Saturn return, do not hesitate to book an intuitive – astrology reading with me.


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