Michelle Olree is a professional astrologer, psychic, and mindfulness coach that has been active in the esoteric field for more than 5 years. After her spiritual awakening on the age of 25, she was determined to help out people on their journey of awakening.

As a true Sun in Virgo/ Scorpio ascendant she likes to dive into the depths of people’s souls in order to transform them into the butterfly they are. Analytical and brave, she likes people to grow into their true potential.

Early life

Michelle grew up in the small village of ‘s-Gravenzande in The Netherlands together with her mother. As a daughter of a single mother, life was never just given to her and she had to work through most of her early years and life.

Astrology loove

Always optimistic and ready for adventures, she always dared to explore things outside of the box. Being an outsider in life made her who she is and now she accepted being and outsider, made her being accepted as an insider.

From that moment she realized she wanted to help people to accept themselves. Being born with a psychic ability, was a true taboo when you are younger, but with the Age of Aquarius, there is nothing that could stop her.

Travelling was always her true passion and on the age of 18 she went on her first trip to Barcelona, after which travels to Central America, South America, Europe and Asia followed.

During her teenage years and early 20s she studied Middle Hotel Management and European Studies. Satisfied with the intercultural aspects, Marketing and the learning of distinctive languages she knew there was something missing.

Her gifts were not being used and she realized something had to be discovered. This all started when she moved to Malta.

The beginning of the spiritual journey

On her 25th she started exploring the meaning of her gifts and the answers to spirituality. An attended retreat in Gozo brought her the awakening she was looking for and her life would never be the same.

Determined to bring changes to the world she started doing plenty of workshops, reading books and getting answers from the divine itself. After that she started writing and decided to help the public out by publishing it online on a blog called The Mindful Magazine. Automatic writing, bringing messages forward is part of her journey.

Crystal healing, healing massages, intuitive card readings she learned first, after which she was presented to astrology by a friend. An astrologer did a reading for her and she was so amazed that she wanted to know how she could read all that from a chart.

From that moment the obsession was on, and she was reading about it every single day. After 2 years she decided she wanted to get a diploma and she took courses with the famous and inspiring psychology-astrologer from the UK Alison Chester Lambert.

Bringing astrology and intuition together

When she finished the course in astrology, and she spent several years on working with angel cards and the tarot, she had the idea to work with both in one reading. Like this very accurate answers come forward.

If you became curious about intuitive-astrology and you would like to have a reading from Michelle, do not hesitate to contact her.

michelle (at) loveforastrology.com