Michelle is a psychic/ intuitive and astrologer and is more than happy to help you with any struggle or curiosity. She is very eager to help people on their way of self-development. Understanding your inner patterns reflecting on the outside, your karma, your luck, your strengths and weaknesses can bring you on a path closer to your heart’s desires.

Clarify your path in life

Right now we are on a planet full of external stimuli of Social Media, television, set opinions about the norm etc. By all these outside distractions you are missing out on getting to know yourself and what your potential is in this life time. The only norm that needs to be set is your own, while dealing with the outside world. Sometimes the path is unclear, and Michelle is happy to help you find them.

In the readings not only we work on astrology, but past lives, tarot cards and medium ship is included. For more information read “What is intuitive-astrology?’
Below you find a list of possible readings:

Birth chart Astrology reading + questions

Your birth chart, the blueprint of your soul in this life time defined by the stars. In a birth chart reading you will know more about your life purpose, your karma, your family situation (resolutions) and your strengths and weaknesses? There might have been some blind spots that you have not discovered yet. Michelle is happy to help you find those talents and opportunities.

Answers can come from birth charts, but once you have the answer in your perspective, you have to follow your own path and intuition to get there. In these readings, there won’t be a “we do it all for you,” there will be a guidance of instructions and advice that you can choose you take in or to ignore.

Besides the birth chart reading, there will be a tarot reading which can answer any more questions that you have. The readings are done face-to-face or on Skype/ Zoom.

Year reading Astrology + Questions

In a year reading, Michelle is looking for the year ahead. These calculations are made from birthday to birthday. What better is it to give yourself or others a perspective of the year ahead.

Expect an overview of how to increase your luck by going with the flow of astrology, the recommendations of the tarot and more. Would you like to get pregnant, find a boyfriend/ girlfriend, a job, start a business and/ or more.

We can check which time is good for you to look out there. The trick is knowing where the energies go that year, and how to make the best out of it.

Birth Chart + year reading

Book yourself a combination of a birth chart and a year reading and find the best progress opportunities. What talents are you born with and how can you use them most optimized in the year ahead.

Compatibility reading

This chart is to understand your relationships, this can be with your husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, your children and/or your grandchildren.

What do you have in common and how can you work with each other. There is always a way to work things out and Michelle is happy for you to find out those solutions.

Past – Life reading

Who have you been in a past life? What defines you today that you have experienced in a past life. Not all issues come from this life time and for the ones that are open to explore previous life times, you will have a bigger understanding of what happened to you before you were born here.

Astrology chart, reading your imprint and tarot cards will provide Michelle with enough information to bring back to you your the talents from past lives, plus solutions to your issues that have not been resolved in this life time.

Tarot Reading

In a tarot reading, Michelle tunes into your imprint and lays down the cards accordingly. All information for future references, or events and/or solutions will be shared with the client.

Predictions can be done, but most important is self-development and to learn how to develop your own intuition to avoid getting into the same vicious circles. She will trigger your mind into having thoughts of your own and listen to your “gut” feeling.

How you feel now defines your future and happiness. Do you dare to have a look from a higher perspective? Michelle will bring you on that journey.

Moving countries/ places

What will a new place do for you? Did you know that your personality and qualities change in different places. Find out with intuitive-astrology, which place suits you best and how you can work with certain qualities in each place.

Book a reading with Michelle

An intuitive/ astrology reading for 1 hour costs 70 euros – Through Zoom – Skype

An intuitive/ astrology reading for 1,5 hour costs 80 euros – Through Zoom – Skype

Intuitive Astrology Report – Personally written for you 150 euros (within a month) NEW !!

Payments are upfront and can be done through Paypal, Revolut, bank transfer and/or cash.

You can send me an email at michelleolreeastrology (at) gmail.com or click on “Book Here” You can combine the readings above in 1 reading. No questions are off limits.