Find below all the recommended tools, books, card decks that helped me become an Intuitive Astrologer. Also there are some cute little gifts present.

This is a great book I used myself for studying astrology and a great recommendation to buy. In order to understand astrology it is important to understand the houses and what they mean in combination with the different houses.

Pluto the Evolutionary journey of the Soul is a true recommendation as in my opinion Pluto has a great influence in our life and can help us identify our shadow side. Without our shadow side we can’t turn into the light. Therefore, it is key to identify where your pluto is in your natal chart and what aspects it has. In this book you will get a greater understanding of what Pluto does to your life and how it is connected to your past life at the same time. A fantastic read of Jeff Wolf Green.

Liz Greene is an absolute inspiration of mine and a fellow Virgo Sun on the midheaven, Scorpio Ascendant. She wrote this amazing book about the planet of Saturn, which in my opinion is a great book to understand what this planet means. Saturn in Astrology tells you a lot about the karma you have in this life and how to solve the unfinished business of past lives and this life.

A great gift for people who want to understand more about Sun signs. The sun is your ego and who you truly are and what better to start your journey in astrology with as this book. You can gift it to yourself or others and share the details with your friends. Your Sun sign tells you how you strive and act in life. Check out the link and buy this lovely book of Alice Deville.

This is an amazing book from Steven Forrest, one of the best astrologers in the world that have written this book about predictive astrology. Even though I am a firm believer that we can change parts of our future, it is great to understand the focus of the energy in the sky and how to ride the waves of life.

This Tarot book is perfect for tarot beginners that want to understand the meanings of tarot. Outside of Oracle cards, which are easier to understand with their books & meanings, this book will bring you Tarot wisdom. Besides the knowledge it also provides you with intuitive exercises.

In combination to knowing the meaning of tarot cards, you have a book here that explains you how to lay the cards for which specific question. What else can you ask for when it comes to learning how to use tarot.