Astrology and astronomy are walking hand in hand. Astrology is based on astronomy, but what is the real difference. In astronomy the planets around us are observed, investigated and newly discovered. It is seen as science, whereas astrology is seen as a predictive tool for the future.

In astrology it is believed that the soul imprint by the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth is defined and can be calculated according to the stars. This soul path is not tied as in only 1 path is available, but it provides people with an idea how the new born soul will explore its world.

In astronomy, the reasoning behind the planets are investigated and organisations as NASA visit outer space in order to discover the what and the why the universe exists with which planets. With the progressive science of today, new planets are being identified. In some cases the new planets are being observed and added in astrology, like the planet Pluto. Astronomy also involves calculating how the planets rotate and their position in the constellation.

The history of astronomy and astrology

Ancient civilizations have explored the stars and planets with true precision and managed to define each planet and star on its own with the influences it was bringing to planet Earth and each personality on it.

The first civilization that has used astrology and astronomy as we understand are the Babylonians. This was about 3000 BC. There has been found some proof of the Sumerians using astrology and astronomy before that time, but there is no actual proof of it. With a precise mathematical understanding the Sumerians understood that an hour takes 60 minutes and the Earth circles 360 degrees around its axes. The 360 degrees is the circle that has now been taken as the astrology chart, divided into 12 houses, that each have their own meaning.

planets solar system

These civilizations as the Babylonians mingled astronomy and astrology together. The first astronomers appeared to have been priests. It was only later on in the Age of Reasoning in the 17th century, that astronomy became a science and astrology became a rather predictive, divination tool for the future.

In the 20th century, astrology came back to the surface and now slowly, we start to think of astronomy and astrology going hand in hand with each other.

The planets and their significance

Which planets are out there, and what do they mean for us in astronomy and astrology? Here a nice overview for you to think about!

The following planets are inner planets with their rocky existence.

The planet Mercury

Mercury is the smallest planet, and rotates around the sun in only 88 days. In astrology mercury stands for your intellect, speech, writing, collecting information and analyzing. No wonder this is the ruling planet of Virgo and Gemini, both signs are a big fan of gathering information, organizing, writing and analyzing.

The planet Venus

Not only is Venus the planet that is all about romance in astrology, it is also the most hot planet in the solar system. In astrology this planet evolves around love, self-worth, self-love and beauty. Venus is the ruler of the zodiac sign Taurus and Libra. Two signs that adores balance, appearance (materialistic and physical) and sensuality.


The red planet of real action, with a thin atmosphere and a desert like look, has most likely once had water on it. The now dry planet stands in astrology for action, passion and aggression.

Mars rules Scorpio(ancient times) and Aries, both zodiac signs in the constellation that are action-oriented in their own way. Scorpio is very determined and dives deep before taking action, while Aries likes to go with their immediate gut-feeling while taking action. However, nowadays the ruling planet for Scorpio has been assigned to Pluto, the dwarf planet of transformation and deep depths.

The following planets are the outer planets, knows as gas planets and ice giants


The biggest planet in the solar system, and known as the planet of wisdom in astrology. All the planets together in the solar system are not even as big as Jupiter is. Jupiter stands for wisdom, religion, father and teaching. Jupiter is ruling Sagittarius, the fire sign of teaching, travelling, gathering broad wisdom and philosophy.


The second biggest planet in our solar system, with its famous icy rings around it, is a quite slow moving planet.

Saturn is known in astrology as the karmic planet that brings karmic lessons from other life times. Saturn brings though lessons that you almost can’t avoid. Huge events happen in your life when Saturn comes back to the position when you were born, this is also called Saturn return. The zodiac sign that this planet rules, is then obviously our hard-working planet of Capricorn.


Uranus is one of the ice giants out there and is known in astrology as the planet of unexpected events, insights, progression and innovation. If you are looking for the mad professor, he probably has important connection with Uranus regarding his work.

Aquarius, known as the humanitarian intellectual has Uranus as its ruling planet. It takes about 7 years before it moves to the next sign, that means it is a slow moving planet.


Last but not least, Neptune the planet of mysticism, confusion, spirituality and dreams. This planet is the most distant and has supersonic winds on the planet. Neptune creates a dreamy atmosphere in astrology and brings confusion to the reality.

Why live in reality if your dreams are so much better. Therefore, we assign this planet to our mystical sign of Pisces. The zodiac sign that loves to merge with earth, humanity and all that is.

The Sun and the moon in astrology

Just to not leave these two fellas out, they have a place in astrology too. The Sun rules the sign of Leo, the zodiac sign of loyalty, being in the spotlight, and leadership. The Sun is who we are, while the moon is our emotions. The Moon rules Cancer, the sign of motherhood, nurturing and bossiness.

The planets all rotate around the Sun, therefore the Sun is the center and is defined as a star (who we are), while the moon is assigned to a planet. Our moon rotates around the earth around 27 days.


In my opinion, astronomy and astrology go hand in hand. However, there is a fact that astronomy is easier to prove. After long observation of human’s behavior and astrology, I have definitely seen its influences and the true effects of it.

I think as time progresses, we still have a lot to discover about our universe. Science is improving and travelling through space further and further, becomes a reality soon enough. Astronomy is more absolute and more factual, where as astrology keeps our mind running into the unknown.

Linked to astrology, in history they defined it by myths in Greece, that were told around. There is no wrong or right and as the answers of the universe still seem unknown to us, how can we tell which one is better. All of it is intertwined and I can’t wait for more discoveries of planets and it’s explorations.

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