If you have any question regarding astrology and/or intuition work, do not hesitate to contact Michelle. She is more than happy to help you with booking an appointment and agreeing on a mutual date and time. You can email and ask for a Zoom reading or a face-to-face reading depending on where you are. Michelle is a Western Tropical Astrologer using the Placidus system in her private readings and for her Youtube videos she uses the equal house system. These has been found to resonate with most of her clients.

Company events and publicity

Michelle can be booked for events, personalized workshops, retreats, online workshops, interviews etc.
Furthermore, you can hire her for publicity events and/or speeches. Make sure to book in advance.

By clicking on the “contact here” button you can send her an email or type it directly to Michelle@loveforastrology.com.

She speaks both English and Dutch .

Upcoming Astrology Workshop December 2023

Astrology workshop December 2023

I have been guided to do a 7 hour long astrology workshop (with breaks in between off course) online with a small group of ONLY 10 people. This workshop will be through Zoom and is interactive, and will teach you on how to read your own chart. Save your spot on the 2nd of December 2023.

This workshop is for beginners/ Intermediate astrology enthusiasts who want to know more about their own astrology chart and how to read the basics+ in astrology.

What we will discuss in that day is:

– The planets & The houses
– Aspects in Astrology
– Transits in Astrology
– Group discussions & Reading each others charts
– Sharing experiences & getting to know like-minded people
– We will check your patterns in life by the aspects & Placements in your chart
– You will understand yourself better on a deeper level as we will dive into your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities etc.

We will do interactive exercises to work with each other’s charts. So you have to be OKE with sharing your chart with other people and learning from each other. This will be a fun interactive day where you learn more about yourself while learning astrology!

This will be interactive and fun! I will only have 10 SEATS AVAILABLE to make it absolutely personal. If you are interested send an email to michelle@loveforastrology.com for more info. Payment is made through Paypal upfront when your seat is confirmed. If something happens with the internet on either side, there is off course a refund.

Costs of the readings

1 hour intuitive/ astrology reading is 75 euros.

1,5 hour intuitive/ astrology reading costs 95 euros.

Payments are done upfront by Paypal, Revolut or Bank transfer.

michelle (at) loveforastrology.com