The concept of intercepted signs in astrology stand out as a fascinating topic. Thanks to a viewer’s suggestion, today we delve into this intricate area. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you decode the phenomenon.

The Concept of Intercepted Signs

In an astrological chart, interception refers to when two signs sandwich a third sign in between, such that the middle sign doesn’t touch a house cusp. For instance, imagine your first house starts with Aries and the adjacent sign is Taurus.

If the cusp of the second house is already Gemini, it means Taurus sits between Aries and Gemini in the first house without touching any cusp. This implies that there’s a part of your personality being suppressed, making certain traits less apparent or harder to express.

Effects on Personality and Behaviour

Take, for example, Leo intercepted in one’s ninth house, suggesting challenges with self-expression and confidence. Or if Taurus, the sign of self-worth and value, is intercepted, an individual may grapple with self-esteem issues or financial insecurities.

Interceptions are often perceived as repressed facets of ourselves, possibly originating from past upbringing, deep-rooted habits, or even past lives, if one subscribes to such beliefs.

When one sign is suppressed, its opposite sign usually faces similar challenges. Aries and Libra, for instance, symbolize identity and relationships, respectively. If these signs are intercepted, one might face dilemmas in defining oneself or in cultivating balanced relationships.

Navigating Through the Challenges of Interceptions

Despite the challenges posed by intercepted signs and planets, all is not lost. Astrocartography, a branch of astrology that uses geographical locations to unlock astrological potential, can be a solution. By moving to a location with different cusps or energy lines, one can “free” their intercepted signs.

However, physical relocation isn’t the only remedy. Conscious self-awareness, affirmations, and targeted personal development can also help individuals harness the suppressed energies of intercepted signs. For example, if Leo, the sign of self-expression, is intercepted in one’s chart, proactive efforts towards being more visible and rebellious can be transformative.

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All the Intercepted signs explained

In astrology, intercepted signs, often overshadowed, provide insights into hidden energies and latent potentials within our birth charts. These signs reveal concealed facets of our personality and life challenges. Below you find the descriptions of all the signs and axes.

Intercepted Aries – Libra

Aries and Libra represent a dynamic astrological axis, with Aries symbolizing self-identity, forward momentum, and initiative, and Libra epitomizing relationships, balance, and reciprocity. When these energies are intercepted or repressed, individuals may grapple with understanding their self-worth or struggle in maintaining equilibrium in partnerships. Aries, ruled by Mars, prompts action, while Libra, governed by Venus, seeks harmony and connection.

An imbalance can lead to either excessive self-focus or a predisposition to overly cater to others. Unlocking these intercepted energies can be achieved through Astrocartography or by consciously fostering a balance between personal desires and relational give-and-take. This dance between self and others encapsulates the essence of the Aries-Libra axis.

Intercepted Taurus – Scorpio

Taurus and Scorpio form a compelling dichotomy in the zodiac spectrum. Taurus, an earth sign ruled by Venus, embodies self-worth, material value, and stability. When this energy is intercepted, there may be challenges surrounding one’s sense of value, leading to issues with self-esteem and material possessions.

Scorpio, on the other hand, governed by Pluto, delves into the profound waters of the inner psyche, encompassing the shadow side, transformation, and life’s deeper mysteries. A repressed Scorpio energy might indicate difficulties in confronting the darker facets of oneself or understanding the nuances of shared resources and profound connections.

To achieve harmony, it’s essential to embrace the steadfastness of Taurus while diving deep with Scorpio, creating a balanced blend of earthly stability and emotional depth.

Intercepted Gemini – Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius stand as gatekeepers of communication, travel, and knowledge. Gemini, governing the third house, emphasizes communication, siblings, and short journeys. An intercepted Gemini might manifest as hesitations in expressing oneself, misunderstandings with siblings, or complications during short trips. On the flip side, Sagittarius, overseeing the ninth house in astrology, represents higher learning, long-distance travels, and expansive wisdom.

When this energy is blocked, there might be hindrances in pursuing education, an unquenchable wanderlust with barriers in global exploration, or doubts about sharing acquired wisdom. Striking a balance requires fostering confident communication and embracing the adventurous spirit of Sagittarius. Embracing both will open doors to effective dialogue and enriching experiences.

Intercepted Cancer – Capricorn

Capricorn and Cancer represent the archetypes of the father and mother respectively, governing the realms of responsibility and nurturing. With intercepted Capricorn, there might be hesitations in assuming leadership roles, a struggle with authority, or challenges in embodying responsibility, as the lessons from Saturn – its ruler – are obscured.

In contrast, an intercepted Cancer can manifest as difficulties in offering and receiving nurture, a possible disconnect from maternal figures, or challenges in expressing emotional vulnerability. The Moon’s nurturing pull may seem distant. Balancing these energies requires nurturing one’s inner child while also embracing the discipline and maturity of Capricorn. By doing so, one can pave a harmonious path towards personal growth and familial connections.

Intercepted Leo – Aquarius

Leo and Aquarius signify the balance between personal radiance and collective individuality. With an intercepted Leo, there’s an inner struggle to fully embrace one’s own light and potential, often overshadowing oneself to let others shine.

Conversely, an intercepted Aquarius points to difficulties in expressing one’s unique, rebellious nature, potentially feeling out of sync with communal groups or fearing non-conformity. This can mirror challenges when the Sun (representing Leo’s drive for self-recognition) or Uranus (representing Aquarius’s urge for innovation) are intercepted. To harmonize these energies, one must recognize their inherent worth while also valuing their unique place within the larger community.

Intercepted Virgo – Pisces

Virgo and Pisces represent the realms of service, diligence, and spiritual connection. With Virgo’s interception, one might grapple with self-doubt, particularly in areas of hard work, communication, and service.

This could manifest as hesitance in pursuing passions or struggles with analytical and communicative tasks, as Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Meanwhile, an intercepted Pisces could indicate a disconnect from one’s intuition and creativity, potentially blocking spiritual channels and imaginative outlets, given Pisces’ rulership by Neptune.

Balancing these energies requires nurturing both practical diligence and ethereal connections. To dive deeper into these complexities, one can seek personalized insights through natal chart readings, offering a clearer understanding of their life’s blueprint and purpose.

Conclusion – Intercepted Signs

Astrology offers a rich tapestry of insights, and intercepted signs and planets are just one thread in this intricate design. By understanding and embracing these interceptions, we can unlock hidden facets of our personalities and navigate life with greater clarity and purpose. So, whether you’re an ardent astrology enthusiast or a curious seeker, remember that the stars might hold answers to mysteries you’ve yet to unravel.

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