Astrology holds a deep significance for many, and one such focal point is the New Moon in Virgo. Michelle, an intuitive astrologer, intertwines her intuition with her profound knowledge of astrology to provide insights into this celestial event. In this article we are going to have a look at the upcoming New Moon in Virgo 2023.

The New Moon in Virgo 2023: What to Expect

Slated for the 14th of September at 21 degrees and 58 minutes, the New Moon in Virgo is a phenomenon that promises to be gentler than previous times. Those with planets at 21 degrees in Virgo should be especially observant, as they’ll be impacted most.

Despite the tumultuous phases that have come before, this New Moon is anticipated to be soothing. It is an optimal time for reflection and growth, especially given the emphasis on Virgo’s analytic nature.

Past and Present: Karma’s Role

Past life karma plays an intriguing role in our current life. Michelle emphasizes that past lives are a continuum of our present and can impact our experiences today. Some spiritual enthusiasts use fasting, especially around the New Moon, as a means of breaking down or avoiding accumulating new karma. It’s a time of cleansing, both physically and spiritually.

Astrology as a Tool for Personal Growth

Astrology is more than just predictions; it’s a profound reflection of oneself. It reveals our karmic cycles and offers insights into how to navigate the challenges life presents. By truly understanding ourselves, we can channel energy more effectively towards future aspirations.

The essence of the New Moon in Virgo is to find clarity. This sign is all about meticulousness and finding solutions before moving on. It encourages one to think, plan, and detail out every facet of their life.

Harnessing the Power of the New Moon

The energy of the New Moon in Virgo 2023 is especially powerful, making it an excellent time for introspection. Grab a journal, write down your aspirations, goals, and plans. The period around this New Moon will likely bring a burst of new ideas and insights. The celestial positioning, especially the positive aspects with Jupiter and Uranus, indicates abundant clarity and understanding of past issues and ways to address them.

Virgo’s Drive for Perfection and Health

Virgo’s influence extends beyond introspection. It rules the sixth house, which revolves around health and daily routines. It’s the perfect time to review and adapt healthier habits, be it dietary or exercise routines. For Michelle, experimenting with fresh foods and finding innovative health solutions, like making her own nut milk, resonates with Virgo’s energy.

Embracing Love and Creativity

With Venus re-establishing its power post its retrograde period, love and romance are in the air. The harmonious interaction between Mars and Venus suggests favorable conditions for budding relationships and rekindling existing ones. Additionally, the combined energies of Leo and Virgo present during this period make it ripe for passion and grounding that passion in reality.

All the zodiac signs during this New Moon in Virgo 2023

In the cosmic dance of celestial bodies, the New Moon in Virgo 2023 promises a time of introspection, meticulous planning, and a return to foundational routines. This lunar phase beckons us to turn inward, refine our processes, and reestablish our connection to the day-to-day aspects of life.

As Virgo, the sign of the diligent maiden, takes center stage, every zodiac sign will experience its influence in unique ways. In the sections that follow, we will explore the impact of this New Moon on each of the twelve signs, guiding you through the nuances and energies that will be at play. Prepare to harness Virgo’s grounding energies and embrace the transformative power this New Moon has to offer.

Aries Sun, Moon, Rising

During the New Moon in Virgo 2023, Aries individuals are encouraged to focus on health and daily routines. With Virgo in their sixth house, it’s an opportune time for Aries to prioritize their diet and fitness regimes. Work situations stabilize, and a return to regularity is imminent. Additionally,

Venus in their fifth house illuminates moments of joy with children and partners, fostering a deeper connection. However, with Jupiter’s retrograde in the second house, financial caution is advised to avoid overspending. Matters of the heart take center stage, with potential romantic revivals and healing from past relationships.

Taurus Sun, Moon, Rising

During the New Moon in Virgo 2023, Taurus experiences a surge of creativity and curiosity. With the New Moon illuminating their fifth house, Taurians are inspired to explore, be it through new books, cultural trips, or deep introspections. Home and comfort become focal points, with Venus in the fourth house encouraging redecorations and family time. However, there’s also a significant focus on personal growth.

The influence of Jupiter in the first house attracts favorable opportunities, while Uranus prompts identity exploration and transformation. This period serves as a reminder for Taurus to move forward, reevaluate friendships, and embrace changes, ensuring they remain unstoppable in their pursuits.

Gemini Sun, Moon, Rising

During the New Moon in Virgo, Geminis are inclined towards introspection and rejuvenation, especially concerning their personal spaces. This period highlights the importance of decluttering, both mentally and physically, advocating for a minimalist approach. With Mercury stationing direct, Geminis are advised to practice patience in decision-making, especially concerning relocations or contractual obligations.

A heightened spiritual awareness arises with Jupiter in the 12th house, urging Geminis to trust their intuition and explore deeper realms of their psyche. Challenges in the professional sphere due to Saturn’s influence in the 10th house may arise, pushing Geminis towards perseverance and adaptability, reminding them that persistence eventually reaps rewards.

Cancer Sun, Moon, Rising

For Cancer Sun, Moon, and Rising individuals, the New Moon in Virgo brings a phase of introspection, especially concerning communication due to its position in the third house. The recent Mercury retrograde may have caused misunderstandings, particularly in professional or familial settings. However, as Mercury stations direct, clearer communication is on the horizon. Meanwhile, Venus’s placement in the second house signifies potential financial rewards, emphasizing feelings of self-worth.

With Chiron in the 10th house, there’s some confusion about career choices, but Jupiter in the 11th house suggests that networking could open doors to fulfilling roles, especially in healing or spiritual domains.

Leo Sun, Moon, Rising

Leo Sun, Moon, and Rising individuals are entering a financially rewarding phase with Virgo in their second house, signaling a favorable time for job contracts. However, they should be cautious and wait a bit post the new moon for finalizations.

Venus in the first house magnifies their charisma, sparking a surge of ideas and passion. While they’re driven towards success, especially with Jupiter in Taurus the 10th house clarifying their purpose, they should avoid merging finances with partners due to Saturn’s position. Despite challenges, Leos are encouraged to remain radiant, release burdens, and methodically plan their next steps, particularly regarding finances.

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Virgo Sun, Moon, Rising

Virgos, during this time, are experiencing a strong pull to assert their identity, notably with the new moon in their first house. Typically reserved, Virgos now feel an urge to be at the forefront. However, the Venus retrograde 2023 in the 12th house has cast shadows over relationships and finances, making feelings of love elusive. Now with Venus direct, you will feel that the intensity in your relationships are starting to fade.

Opportunities for travel or teaching may arise with Jupiter in the ninth house. Saturn’s retrograde, especially for early-degree Virgos, brings challenges, possibly from partners or parents, and prompts self-reflection on current living situations. Virgos are driven to seek authenticity in others and may distance themselves from inconsistent acquaintances. Embracing new beginnings, they’re reminded to trust their intuition.

Libra Sun, Moon, Rising

Libras are on the cusp of a new beginning as they approach their season. This period marks the end of a chapter, and many Libras may feel both exhausted and agitated. Despite the challenges with relationships and work, Venus in the 11th house indicates the emergence of true friendships. There’s a cautionary note regarding health, with potential stress manifesting physically.

Early-degree Libras especially need to be wary of illusions in relationships. The overarching theme is the importance of rest, self-reflection, and understanding one’s worth. It’s crucial for Libras to prioritize self-care, grounding themselves, and preparing for the next phase of their journey.

Scorpio Sun, Moon, Rising

Scorpios are poised for significant growth, especially in the realms of career and personal relationships. This new phase sees improved communications with friends and potential advancements in career. While there are favorable aspects pointing to both romantic and business partnerships, Scorpios are also reminded to be cautious, particularly with potential gossip and unresolved past issues.

Some may face challenges related to family or real estate. Despite the external noise, Scorpios are advised to prioritize self-care and reflection. Their journey is characterized by personal growth and learning to value their own worth, even if it means walking certain paths alone.

Sagittarius Sun, Moon, Rising

For Sagittarius, the new phase in Virgo focuses on their career and public image. Mercury stationing direct indicates a promising period ahead for new job opportunities or the initiation of long-anticipated projects.

The presence of Jupiter in their sixth house suggests an influx of clients and work. However, they might encounter challenges with family dynamics or issues related to housing contracts. Adaptability is crucial during these times. Unexpectedly, surprises, possibly in the form of job opportunities or even the addition of a pet, are on the horizon. Despite some setbacks, Sagittarius is encouraged to stay optimistic and open to what lies ahead.

Capricorn Sun, Moon, Rising

For Capricorn, the new phase in Virgo signals a time of exploration, possibly overseas or for work purposes. This period marks the culmination of transformative experiences and challenges faced, resulting in personal growth and a more resilient self.

The presence of Jupiter in the fifth house introduces exciting romantic possibilities, creative ventures, or even family expansion. Luck and opportunity may emerge unexpectedly, urging Capricorns to stay open and receptive. Despite feelings of stagnation, Capricorns are encouraged to recognize that change is on the horizon. As they continue to heal and grow, it’s essential to appreciate the journey and the support they’ve received along the way.

Aquarius Sun, Moon, Rising

For Aquarius, the new moon in Virgo shines in the Eighth House, heralding significant transformations, particularly for early-degree Aquarians. The planet Pluto’s proximity signifies profound changes. The influence of Jupiter in the fourth house may lead to movements like relocating or property dealings.

Post Venus retrograde in the relationship zone, Aquarians will find clarity in their romantic relationships, whether it’s choosing to stay, leave, or commit. Financial caution is advised, as Saturn may impose restrictions on income. It’s a time to confront truths, evaluate authenticity, and ensure one isn’t trapped in a deceptive facade. The Eighth House’s deep introspection will guide Aquarians to informed decisions.

Pisces Sun, Moon, Rising

Pisces, the new moon in Virgo brings focus to your Seventh House, highlighting relationships. There’s potential for new encounters or deepening commitments. Serious conversations, especially about future plans, may arise, driven by Mercury’s opposition to Saturn. Although early-degree Pisces may feel emotionally restricted, communication is key. Financial strains, possibly due to unexpected expenses or investments in property, are indicated.

Karmic cycles related to work or health may surface, yet your strong communicative abilities can guide you through. Embrace your hidden talents, as they could open new doors. Self-forgiveness is essential during this time. Remember, every challenge is an opportunity for growth.

Conclusion New Moon in Virgo 2023

The New Moon in Virgo 2023 is not just a celestial event but a potent period for self-growth, introspection, and transformation. Embrace its energy, reflect on your desires and goals, and set forth on a path of personal evolution. This celestial event is a reminder that, through understanding our past, present, and potential future, we can truly be the best versions of ourselves.

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