Welcome to “Love for Intuitive Astrology,” the YouTube channel where astrology and intuition merge to provide valuable insights. In this video, I, Michelle, an intuitive astrologer, will guide you through the Scorpio August 2023 horoscope. Brace yourself for a month of retrogrades and celestial movements that may impact various aspects of your life. Below I will talk about the astrological predictions and intuitive messages to help you navigate this transformative period.

The Influence of Retrogrades

August 2023 brings a cluster of retrogrades, including Venus and Mercury, cautioning against signing contracts and making major commitments. It is vital to read the fine print and exercise caution while purchasing electronics. Additionally, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus retrogrades call for a time of introspection and revisiting past endeavors. Scorpios, particularly, will experience this energy in their 10th house, urging them to reflect on their achievements, consider improvements, and potentially reconnect with previous clients or job opportunities.

Collaborations and Love Scorpio August 2023

With Jupiter in the seventh house, Scorpios can look forward to favorable collaborations and partnerships, especially in one-on-one settings. Existing clients may return, and fruitful collaborations are likely to emerge during this period. Furthermore, Jupiter’s placement also indicates a two-year cycle of love for Scorpios.

If single, there is a significant chance of meeting someone new. However, it is advisable to avoid getting married during August, as Venus retrograde 2023 may affect the longevity of such unions.

Balancing Work and Relationships

August brings a period of detachment, encouraging Scorpios to focus on self-reflection within relationships. It is essential to assess your needs, value yourself, and contemplate the level of satisfaction you derive from your work.

Venus retrograde prompts Scorpios to reevaluate their career choices and charging rates, ensuring alignment with their true passions and financial goals. Creative endeavors may face some restrictions due to Saturn’s influence in the fifth house, but perseverance can lead to substantial long-term success.

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The 2 Full Moons and the Leo New Moon

August 2023 features two significant full moons. The first full moon in Aquarius 2023 is highlighting family matters and fosters opportunities for bonding and quality time with loved ones. The second full moon, in Pisces, is the year’s most prominent super moon, closely linked to Saturn.

Emotions and unresolved issues related to children or romantic partners may surface during this period, providing an opportunity for deeper self-understanding and personal growth. Additionally, the new moon in Leo, with connections to Uranus in the seventh house, brings the potential for unexpected shifts and transformative experiences, especially for those engaged in business partnerships.

Trusting Intuition and Accepting Opportunities

Scorpios may encounter challenges in their routines and experience the need to polish certain aspects of their lives for spiritual and financial abundance. It is crucial to trust your intuition and reflect on your true desires, even if they diverge from conventional wisdom.

Pluto’s proximity to the fourth house suggests potential family dynamics changes that might influence career decisions. Embracing your authentic self, shining your light, and accepting who you are can lead to profound personal growth and happiness. Be open to signs and guidance from loved ones who have passed on, as they may play a role in assisting and guiding you along your journey.

Conclusion Scorpio August 2023

As August 2023 unfolds, Scorpios are advised to approach the month with caution, embracing the opportunities for introspection, revision, and personal growth. Navigating the retrogrades, nurturing collaborations, and balancing work and relationships will be key. Family time, emotional exploration, and unexpected shifts may mark this transformative period. By trusting your intuition, embracing opportunities, and honoring your authentic self, you can navigate August 2023 with resilience, grace, and a sense of fulfillment. Wishing you a month of growth, self-discovery, and abundant blessings.

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