The Sun conjunct the Midheaven in your natal chart brings someone who is going to be more seen. The Sun in your chart represents your identity, but can also indicate your father. The midheaven in astrology in your natal chart indicates the highest point in your chart and this is where you are going to be seen in the public.

Your highest goal in life and the achievements you want to make. When we look at the 6th house we are looking at routines, stable jobs and health, but when we look at the 10th house (which is tied to the Midheaven), we are looking at how you want to be perceived by the world.

Your Sun is Conjunct the Midheaven when it is within 5 degrees of your Midheaven. However, the 10th house side is more effective and if your Sun is in the 9th house you have to count within 2 degrees to have a similar effect of the 10th house.

Your Public Persona – Sun & Identity

You can imagine that if you identity is linked to your public persona and career, you have a strong sense of purpose. You want to achieve something and be seen by the public, therefore, this position could indicate fame, a high position in a company, a freelancer, a business owner or someone who is married to a high profile person (depending on the sign it is in).

The Sun can also indicate your father and it might be that your father is an example for you. He might be or have been a high profile person and you would like to achieve the same. In some ways, some people with the Sun conjunct Midheaven want to impress their fathers. Look at the aspects in your chart if this relationship is good or bad.

In general, positive aspects influencing your Sun conjunct the Midheaven will bring a more easy flow to the “top.” If you have an opposition or Square, you might face a few obstacles before you can achieve the position you would like to be in.

Be aware of arrogance or becoming too egocentric, stay in alignment with your desires and your heart’s purpose. When your Sun is so high up in the sky you are not keen to have a “normal” job without any responsibility. You want to be a “somebody,” and if possible leave a legacy. Freedom is important too and most likely you want to become your own boss or a high-authority figure.

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Sun Conjunct Midheaven through the signs

Below I will indicate a few job examples for each sign with the Sun Conjunct the Midheaven.


If you have the Sun on your Midheaven in the sign of Aries you are a real go-getter. You are a true leader that can go in head first and inspire the crowds. You can be a little impulsive, but if you have good aspects this can mostly work out in your favor.

It is almost like you know what to do and your courageous mindset will bring you far along. Any type of leadership will suit you either as a business owner, a Youtube star daredevil, top-notch sports coach, an executive leader or someone who is a true hero and saves people from risky situations.


A Sun conjunct the Midheaven in Taurus is going to be someone who values stability, luxury and a high-income. Taurus rules the 2nd house and the more self-worth and value you have, the higher your income will become. There is a possibility to become a self-made millionaire that sets up a business with patience and persistence. You are a stable individual (depending on other planets as well), who can stick to great routines in order to climb the ladder of success.

You could be successful in the sector of banking, a financial advisor, artist, work in the fashion industry, sell furniture, work in the farming business or own a successful restaurant. The senses are important for the sign of Taurus.


If your Sun is conjunct the Midheaven in Gemini, you are a top communicator. A social butterfly that can inspire the crowd with your words. You could become a successful author, researcher or public speaker and you might be very popular among your friends and siblings.

Your endless curiosity and learning abilities (unless difficult aspects), will bring you far in life. You could be a perfect fit for PR activities, a dazzling spokesperson or you would be great at having your own content agency.


The Sun on your Midheaven in Cancer will bring you success in a career that has to do with women. You might become a help for women in need or work as a famous psychic. The moon is your mother, women and your intuition and rules the planet of Cancer.

A family therapist or owning a successful restaurant is a true blessing to your character. Cancer likes to nurture and you can be a great inspiring leader in doing so. Artistic expression can be another job that indicates a Cancer with the Sun tied to the Midheaven.


Leo rules the 5th house and when their Sun is on the Midheaven we could be dealing with a famous actor or actress, an inspirational and motivational speaker, someone full of energy and creativity that can inspire the crowd.

You could be someone helping children connected to your work or business and you need to do something that makes your heart sing. If you are not passionate about what you do, you will most likely not succeed and become a lazy lion.

If you love what you do you SOAR and ROAR and that is where Leo needs to be. A bit of admiration from the crowd and high-level leadership is something that suits you. Maybe even a high-level match maker. Listen to your heart Leo.


Virgo with their Sun conjunct the Midheaven (which is the same position as I have), you are here to serve the people. The sign of Virgo rules the 6th house and you could have a business in alternative healing, become a doctor, well-known writer, accountant, administrator or anything research related.

You are precise in your work and very detailed-oriented work is going to suit you. Soaking up knowledge is easy for you and you have a very good memory. There is not much you will forget with this position right here. Sports coach, health coach, software developer or a high-level leadership position is


A true advocate for harmony my dear Libra and with your Sun conjunct the Midheaven you could become a great lawyer, relationship counselor, famous artist or you could marry a very prominent partner that gives you visibility.

Libra you need a high-level position where you can create harmony in this world. You need a job where you can relate and solve things into harmony. A wedding planner in the making, you would be able to organize any event. A true combination of creativity and intellect can bring you into any type of leadership position, project management position or a charming CEO who can negotiate well. Negotiating you can do well and diplomatic jobs suit you well.


Nothing passes a Sun in Scorpio on the Midheaven. Your investigative skills are off the charts and you could become a high-level detective, investigator, financial advising star, investor or an accountant.
You are not dirty of diving into the 8th house matters of the occult by becoming a famous psychic, shaman or you could be an advocate to stop sexual abuse. Helping people get rid of drug addictions and helping people to the top.

Any type of transformation regarding money, sexuality and the occult is going to bring you right at the top. Passion for what you do is important and you are able to carry a lot of responsibility. A surgeon, doctor or an undertaker is also a common career.


Sagittarius when your Sun is on the Midheaven you will be a true adventurer. You could become a famous traveler, blogger, documentary maker or become a teacher that has a lot of followers. This could be a spiritual teacher or a knowledge you have obtained and would like to share to the world.

Life is one big adventure for you and any type of job you will require should be related to some sort of an adventure. Motivational speeches will be reached by many and can touch many hearts. Freedom is important for you and you need a job where you can experience this. Import and export businesses are also something you would like to pursue as long as you feel the world is open and full of opportunities. The planet of luck Jupiter is always on your side. Somehow when it comes to work you always land on your feet.


As a very responsible and high-authority figure you probably walked the talk. You worked your way up and took all the appropriate steps to where you want to be.
A great leader naturally that many go to for advice, you can be a great leader in any type of business. A CEO that worked his or her way up or a self-made business magnet.

Finances, material gains and great responsibility is your strength and you can carry a lot of weight to move things around. A Cardinal sign in its own house can be a great leader running multiple businesses or a chain of companies.

You are here to achieve high without stopping as you do not mind starting at the bottom and working your way up. As a true hero Capricorn you can move mountains if you want to. Planning is no big deal for you and there is no sector that you can’t manage.


The new Elon Musk of your time, you can be a humanitarian that wants to change the world. If you do not mean anything to society you feel as if you failed. The runner of a non-profit, the innovator of a new system or products, you can become a game-changer for many people out there.

In addition, you do not like to be tied to a 9-5 and you have to find a place where your quirks are admired. Ahead of your time you can change how people view the world. From a scientist, to researcher and famous astrologer.

Do something out of the box that will inspire many. If not many have been out there with something before, you are here to set something new and exciting. The old ways are not always the best ways and that is something you know very well Aquarius.


Your love Pisces with the Sun on your Midheaven reaches further than the earth itself. Healing the planet is on your top-list and you want to help as many people as possible. Do take care that you also help yourself in the process.

A true healer, you can inspire many with your old soul wisdom. Healing through nurturing, food, art or a well-known psychic you can tune into your wisdom. Your heart knows what your talent is and you will become a leader with this God-given gift. A large audience will admire your soft approach, but they shouldn’t underestimate the strength that lies deep.

Moreover, an actor or actress is also often seen with this placement. With your ruler of Neptune you can tune into the divine, the akashic records and become any version that you are tuned into. Routines are NOT for you. Be creative, divine and wise, and there is your talent that will be sent into the world.

Conclusion Sun conjunct Midheaven

In conclusion, the position of the Sun conjunct the Midheaven in your natal chart holds great significance in shaping your public persona and career aspirations. It signifies a strong desire to be seen and recognized by the world, often leading to success in various fields depending on your zodiac sign. Whether you’re an ambitious Aries, a determined Taurus, a communicative Gemini, or any other sign, this placement highlights your unique strengths and goals. However, it’s essential to balance ambition with humility and authenticity to make the most of this powerful aspect in your chart and leave a lasting legacy.

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