In this article we talk about the natal placement of Pluto Square Venus. A placement that is not easy to have in your natal chart, but it is not impossible to deal with. As I have this placement myself, I am going to define my knowledge of astrology and my own life experience with having this astrology aspect.

Venus Square Pluto Natal

In order to understand this placement we have to understand the planets of Venus and Pluto.

Pluto = Transformation, Death, Rebirth, the underworld, everything hidden, Pluto, shadow side of life
Venus = Love, materialism, money, self-love, beauty, your values, commitment and relationships

When you have this combination together, you are here to transform massively through relationships. If Pluto represents the underworld and Venus represents love, you tend to fall in love with someone who represents Pluto. With a square aspect, there is tension between these 2 planets; therefore, it is difficult for you to define love. Do you want love or power? As you believe you have to give up your power to be in love, or to control in order to receive love.

Control, Power and Love

In this lifetime you are being triggered when it comes to relationships. You will be in relationships that you control and you will be in relationships where the other person has control over you.
Your inner subconscious belief system thinks that you can’t both have control and love. Like you have a decision to make and when you let your guard down, you will get hurt.

Often you grew up in a household of control, where you had to deal with transactional love. A place where love was not safe and grounded. Subconsciously you are looking for partners that make you feel loved. It could go from falling in love with a criminal, an unfaithful person, a narcissist or someone who just is in it for the sex. You could be either this person yourself to control the other person and/ or you attract people like this. The cycle of attracting these type of relationships, where dominance is a problem, you learn how to let go of controlling others and going back into your body where you can align yourself with your inner power.

Venus Square Pluto and Money

Venus is not only the planet of Love but also the planet of Money. It is almost as if you have the money that you so want to have, you give up your own power and you lose it again. The other way around you might manipulate people to get the money you want. There is no natural flow in owning your healthy power and making money.

It could be that you are earning money through plutonic jobs like gambling, Finances, Sexual healing, the occult or anything related to the underworld. Pluto can be the planet of darkness or the highest spiritually evolved planet. You can decide in this lifetime if you want to step out of the wheel of darkness. Massive healing and transformation can happen, which can bring you to a higher form of being.

If you can transform your inner world, you can attract what you want in the outer world, without manipulation. You could be a manifestor first class attracting the money you so desire. Pluto is a higher vibration of Mars, and can evolve due to the inner shadow work that has to be done.

Fear of abandonment

With a massive fear of abandonment, there is a lack of self-love with this placement. You are trying different ways of making someone commit and it never seems to be working. Depending also on the other aspects in your chart. You have to go through cycles and lessons, in order to find the soulmate that is right for you.

The work on the outside is reflecting the work on the inside. The environment you grew up in did not support unconditional love and was rather focused on conditional love. You have no idea how to be in a loving relationship as you weren’t taught what that looks like. In many ways you attract people that support your fears, the people you grew up with, or reflect back your own sense of self-worth. When you slowly pick yourself up and start loving yourself for who you truly are, you can have the love you so crave.

You want to be loyal and loving, but somehow the physical takes over in a relationship. The intensity of love is confused with actual love from the heart. You often pick people that awaken your intensity, and not your unconditional loving heart. An intense relationship can’t last and therefore look at relationships that bring you peace and security.

3rd Party Love

The aspect of Pluto square Venus in your natal chart brings you to situations where often a third party is involved. Either you have someone besides the one that you are in a relationship with or the other people. This is the underworld desire that is answering your lack of self-worth. When you love yourself and accept yourself for who you truly are, you do not have to look elsewhere. The same thing is that you could accept a person who has an affair with someone else, hoping that one day they will choose you.

If you really start to choose you as the one and only for yourself, you will reflect that back in relationships. You do not have to give yourself away to be loved. To be in dominance or submission. Both can be leaders in a relationship and you can be in a Power couple, when your ego dies in love. And you start having good boundaries that you sense from within your body. Your mind is trying to trick you into believing that you do not deserve any better. But in reality you absolutely do. Changing your inner reality is changing your outer reality.

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The Blessings of Venus square Pluto

Little is known about the blessings of this placement. As it brings a lot of pain and sacrifice in relationships. However, you can mature insanely through this placement. You learn how to stand in your own identity and you will over time learn that love is not related to pain and shame.

Deep down there is a shame of not being good enough for someone. It is very important to dive deep into your psyche to heal these wounds that have been there since childhood, and for some of you, they come from your past life. Especially, when your Venus or Pluto is located in the 12th house in astrology or close to the South node in your Natal Chart.

Find your inner sense of self-worth and know that what you think and believe is valid. You do not have to control to avoid being abandoned. The person who leaves you is not meant for you. Check within yourself if this person is right for you, and does not answer your desire for fame, power and money. Explore if there is a person for you that you have a lot in common with, where you feel whole and complete with. This can only come your way when you have dated yourself first. You know what you like and do not like. What is your authentic self? This is a huge thing with this placement.

How to check for Venus and Pluto in your Natal chart?

The houses that these planets are located in are important. For example, I have Pluto conjunct the ascendant square Venus in my 9th house. Pluto is in the sign of Scorpio (in its own house), and Venus is in the sign of Leo.

Now when you figure out your houses and signs, you can puzzle and define what this sign means. The ascendant stands for how the people perceive you. So people might first see me as someone powerful, however, once in Love (Leo), I give up my personal power to someone else. Being completely and loyally in love, I give up my own belief systems and values. Pluto is home in the sign of Scorpio and rules the 8th house. I am openly dazzled by love and like to show big gestures to the person I am in love with. However, losing myself in a relationship makes me leave or makes the other person leave.

Venus square Pluto Woman

A woman with Venus square Pluto in her birth chart experiences intense relationships, where power and control often play a central role. She feels a deep need for transformative love but struggles with the fear of abandonment and a tendency towards manipulation in relationships.

These women are often magnetic and passionate, but their challenge lies in finding a balance between love and power. Through inner work and self-reflection, they can learn to let go of their need for control and embrace true, unconditional love, leading to deeper, more fulfilling relationships.

Venus square Pluto Man

A Venus square Pluto man embodies a complex blend of desire for deep, transformative relationships and a struggle with power dynamics. Characterized by their magnetic appeal and intense emotional depth, they often face challenges in love related to control and fear of vulnerability.

To harness the best from this placement, these men must embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing, learning to embrace vulnerability and let go of the need for control. Cultivating open, honest communication and understanding the value of unconditional love are key steps toward building healthier, more fulfilling relationships that allow for mutual growth and transformation.

Conclusion Venus square Pluto

You are not doomed with this placement, it can make you grow in many ways you wouldn’t even know possible.

Do not avoid doing the inner work, even if you have been through very painful relationships. The more you accept the shadows of yourself and others, the more you can grow into the person that you are meant to be.

Love can be beautiful and does not have to awaken this intensity to make you feel awake. You have to feel that within you, so you do not have to look for someone that is reflecting the empty feeling back to you. Stand your ground and do not let your partner walk all over you. Say “no” when something doesn’t feel right and do not control the other person to love you. Be yourself and unconditional love is all yours!

Many blessings from the heart my dear souls.

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