Intuitive astrology is an integrated way of combining intuition (card reading) and astrology together.

Michelle Olree is an intuitive/ psychic since birth and decided to add the knowledge of astrology as a knowledge to her readings by an intense study. Simply because she loves astrology and is fascinated by it!

Astrology is your blueprint, your soul purpose/ guide, set by the stars when you came here on earth. We are came here to learn something, and to let your soul grow and become a better version of your earth self.

Obstacles are created to bring you closer to your soul purpose and to the lessons that you are here to learn. All that is happening in your life is for a higher purpose, even when sometimes in life it all seems though.

Understand your Obstacles in Life

Astrology can help your understand why obstacles happen to you and how you can deal with them.

Having an intuitive-astrology session is not magic, it brings you insights that can blow your mind away. Understandings about yourself that you have not thought about and that can bring you to immediate change.

You will go on a journey discovering your vicious circles and patterns, so you can be free of them and change them by our guided intuitive healing. Therefore, a the combination of astrology and intuitive healing can help you on the path of your highest potential.

Body, mind and soul all need to be nourished and by intuitive-astrology you will find out more about the pains in your body that are linked to certain (mental) activities in your life. Only when all three are (inter)connected you can live your life fully and with true happiness, while not harming others in the process.

Fate vs. Free will in astrology

The question you might have: “Fate vs. Free will, how does it work”? Yes, you do have your free will. The obstacles and lessons come your way, but it is your free will on how to deal with them.

You can choose if you want to follow your soul purpose or not, although there are no promises life will not bring you that way. Your true purpose is something that is the closest to your heart’s desire. It will bring you peace and fulfillment, therefore going against your own life path, only brings unhappiness to you. However, as with everything, the choice is in your hands and you can decide how you want to spend your life here.

There are no short-cuts in life, just a quicker understanding

I do not believe in shortcuts, the self-development work has to be done by the person itself. Intuitive – Astrology, provides you with quick insides, but it does not do the work for you. After knowing the answer on how to work on yourself, you can solve them with your own guidance and inner power. Nothing is for free and healing is a process that is done by the owner of the body.

See intuitive-astrology of a deep dive into the mechanics of your body. It is like building a car, you know all the parts and pieces but the car can only drive when it is on the road with the driver in it. So your body needs to be out there on the road and drive itself.

Included into the intuitive-astrology are family issues, past-life (issues), your karma, your life paths, your strengths, your weaknesses, grabbing your opportunities in life and how to deal with certain situations. Everything is based on recommendations and your free will can decide it wants to work with the advice given.

How does a session work?

In an Intuitive Astrology session with Michelle she will dive into your chosen chart e.g. your birth chart. She will discover your personality traits, your possible life purpose and provides you with information about your karma in this life time and the focus and obstacles in your life.

In addition, she will draw some tarot cards, to back up the reading and/or she will add past lives to the game if needed.

Any information that comes up intuitively will be shared in the reading so that it will back up the strength of the astrology chart. A piece of paper and a pen during the reading is therefore recommended.

Book an Intuitive Astrology reading

If you became excited about the intuitive-astrology journey and what it contains, and you are interested in working on your own self-development/ spiritual journey, you can book a reading with Michelle Olree.

Like said before, intuitive astrology is not magic, simply Michelle dives into the blueprint of your body and provide you with an understanding of yourself, something that has been a blind spot to you. Please go to the different types of Intuitive Readings page, to choose the best suiting reading. 

1 hour Intuitive – Astrology Reading 1 hour – € 75
1,5 hours – € 95
Manually Written Report reading (personalized) : 150 euros


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