Michelle has been on Youtube since 2020, expanding her subscribers quickly with her optimism, knowledge of astrology and intuition. She makes videos about monthly horoscope forecasts, she draws cards with those readings, makes videos about astrology aspects and so much more.

Check out here Youtube Channel ” Love for Intuitive Astrology” here to see if you resonate with her style of reading:


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Here some examples of Astrology Aspect videos

Watch my new Pluto Conjunct the Ascendant Video
What does it mean to have moon in the 12th house in Western Astrology. Watch my new Video.
What is Saturn Return? And what does it mean in each single astrology house?
Midheaven in Astrology

Interview with Dustin Cormier – HowtoRockAstrology

Press – Event – Workshop requests

You can invite Michelle Olree for an interview or event about Intuitive – Astrology. She would be happy to talk to you more about the art of Intuitive Astrology.
She is open to come to events or organize a personally made workshop on request for a group online or on location (depending on possibilities).

Requests can be made in Dutch or English.