Nowadays you can have so many options when it comes to your career and I understand that you would like to know what exactly the options could be.
Astrology is a great tool to help you understand what careers can be suitable and what your talents actually are.

The best way to see what career is suiting you is your Midheaven. However, in this video/ Article I also check your second house which indicates the way you make money and your 6th house, which means the routines you prefer.

What is the Midheaven in Astrology?

The Midheaven in astrology is the highest point in your chart and indicates your purpose and ultimate destiny. Any planets close to the Midheaven can tell you more like the Sun conjunct the Midheaven, but in this article we just focus on the Midheaven and the sign that it is in. A few career suggestions are made here, but keep in mind that ultimately you have to do what your heart tell you. The suggestions made here are just to bring you some ideas on what might fit you.

The Midheaven is opposite the IC (which indicate your upbringing). And thinking about the way your were brought up and how much effect it has on how you fulfill your destiny can indeed be enormous. Let’s start with all the signs and the suggestions and talents they come along with having these signs on the midheaven.

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Midheaven and all the 12 signs Meaning

Below I will discuss all the signs and the meaning that comes along with it. These job suggestions are made because of client investigations and my years of studying astrology. Leave a comment below on my Youtube Channel or the comments what your Midheaven is and the job you have.

Midheaven in Aries – Careers

When you have your midheaven in Aries you are a leader and would do great in leadership roles. You know when to take action and you are not afraid to be a little impulsive and be the first one to try.
Jobs that would suit you are any type of leadership position in a company, you could be a great fireman or firewoman. A fitness and sports coach would be a great fit as you know how to motivate people and how to take action yourself. By any means you are no follower, and being in a position where you are slowed down, you are not comfortable. Very highly detailed jobs are usually not your flavor, unless other aspects in your chart tell you otherwise.

Midheaven in Taurus – Careers

A Midheaven in Taurus makes you an excellent financial advisor, fashion designer or someone who works in fashion. You are fond of green and nature and would be great at farming and owning a farm, working with flowers, working with your hands or working with animals.

In business you will grow with your fixed eye set on the price and slowly you will reach the top with true consistency. Careers in banking or the financial sector are great. Once your goal is made you are unstoppable Taurus Midheaven. People who are self-made are often find here too. High-paying jobs are easily available to you.

Midheaven in Gemini – Careers

The Midheaven in Gemini can indicate a few things. You could be a fantastic sales person, intellectual genius, a researcher or writer. Gemini is ruled by the planet of Mercury which indicates a dual nature. Some of you have more than 1 career as you might easily get bored.

Soaking up information you do easily and therefore you can work with groups, and be a great communicator in any job you do. PR, Media jobs and research is done with ease. You could do this by numbers or words, but you can gather not only information through books, but also through communicating with others. Some of you even go in business with some of your siblings. You need a job where you can express yourself freely and where change is allowed and even required.

Midheaven in Cancer – Careers

When you are in the job you love you would like to nurture other people. You could be a great nurse, artist, midwife or any job related to women or showing your emotions.
A Cancer midheaven could become a psychic or a leading boss that feel nurturing. Even if you are a man you know how to nurture people in the job which could make you a fantastic leader.

Cancer rules the 4th house so you could become a therapist to heal families, or a healer in general. Nurturing can also be done by food, and working or owning a restaurant could be something you love!

Midheaven in Leo – Careers

A Midheaven in Leo is someone who doesn’t mind being seen. You could be an actor or actress or someone that is in the spotlight.
When it comes to your career it is important that you are valued and that you also love what you do. You can’t just work for the money, but you have to also like what you do.

Creative jobs, leadership positions and helping people succeed is something you are a natural at. Whatever you do, it comes from the heart and you can be the sunshine that uplifts others. By being yourself and expressing your qualities and your uplifting attitude, you heal the people around you. Think about motivational speakers, coaches, film makers, content creators and so much more. Just follow your heart and you will know what to do.

Midheaven in Virgo – Careers

Mercury rules your signs and you know how to communicate well and precise. Your detail-oriented perspective make you a great writer, researcher and data analyst. You can work with words, numbers and you would be a great critic. You see the details that others are missing and your planning skills are off the charts.

Web-developers, SEO specialist and doctors are often seen with a Virgo Midheaven. Anything that requires details can bring your ultimate success. Alternative healers often also have a Midheaven in Virgo as Virgo is the sign of health, and like to work in this sector. Health coaches or fitness coaches are found here too.

Midheaven in Libra – Careers

You are a born diplomat that knows how to bring harmony back into peoples lives. You could become a politician, a great business man or woman or a lawyer.

Injustice is something you dislike, and therefore you do not mind standing up for people who are not experiencing harmony. Think about a lawyer or someone coming up for the rights of women. Equality is important and a relationship counselor is seen here too. Not forgetting that libra is ruled by Venus, which can also make a great designer and / or artist.

Marrying a prominent and famous person can also be in the cards for a Libra Midheaven, you could be the best support for the success of another person.

Midheaven in Scorpio – Careers

Diving deep into different subjects and especially the underworld subjects are not a problem for you. Pluto ruler of the underworld, is here to transform everything that was hidden. You could become a police officer, detective or whistleblower in a company.

An obsession with your work could arise and you would be able to become a great tarot reader, shaman, healer as you would be able to transform the darkness into the light. Shadow work is something that comes natural to you. Financial advisors, accountants and researchers are also often found with this Midheaven, as well as healers of sexual abuse. Where others are scared, you do not back away. Death, the underworld and the ugly do not scare you. Surgeons, hospice nurses, undertakers and other jobs that might scare others are a normality for you.

Midheaven in Sagittarius – Careers

If you could make travelling your job you would. A born story-teller, teacher and wise person, the Midheaven in Sagittarius is great at communicating advice or a story.

A job with a lot of freedom and a free share of information is best. A documentary maker, digital nomad, blogger or teacher would suit you well. Entrapment is your fear when it comes to your career and a 9-5 might scare you, depending on the other placements in your chart.

Often you are lucky when it comes to work, and opportunities can easily find your way. Jupiter rules your sign and will help you find your true purpose. You just have to be open to receive it. Online shops or import and export are also great ways for you to make money. A career overseas is not unlikely either.

Midheaven in Capricorn – Careers

The 10th house is ruled by Capricorn and therefore you have this sign in its own placement. Your goal in life is to become some sort of authority and you are willing to work hard for it. Slowly you will climb the ladder of success and people will be able to rely on your wisdom.

From a high-level manager to a CEO, anything is possible for you. You need a solid career that provides you with responsibility but also visibility. You crave financial stability and a steady income that bring you the materialisms you need. Work hard, and keep going, you will end up being a great leader. Learn from others so others can eventually learn from you.

Midheaven in Aquarius – Careers

Freedom, innovation and humanitarian work is very important for you. You want to break free from the current system and you would like to create something new. Often I see scientists, therapists but also humanitarians among the people with a Midheaven in Aquarius.

Teachers and people who are working online, in IT or anything computer related often have a Midheaven in Aquarius. Let’s not forget Astrologers either, as this is a very out-of-the-box job as well. My own Midheaven is in Virgo, but my Midheaven has a very tight trine with Uranus (which rules the sign of Aquarius). Make changes that are ahead of time as you are not here to follow the path of normality, but the path of innovation. You can bring a new product on the market, be a great sales person that makes new ways to sell or work for a non-profit.

Midheaven in Pisces

A healer at heart you want to show compassion to the world. You would be a great intuitive, psychic and artist for which you can tune into the universe and transmit your information to the world. You are the bridge between one world and the other and you can become a writer, poet and massage therapist.

If in business you will need a purpose for healing as you want to contribute to the planet. Some of you even do voluntary work on the side. Also Pisces rules the 12th house which might indicate working in a hospital, prison or nursery home. Healing with food is another way a Pisces midheaven might express themselves. No matter what they do it has to matter and bring more healing to the world.

Conclusion Midheaven in Astrology

The Midheaven in astrology sign holds valuable insights into your career path and life purpose. Each zodiac sign on the Midheaven carries unique talents and tendencies. Aries excels in leadership, Taurus in finance and consistency, Gemini in communication and adaptability, while Cancer thrives in nurturing roles. Leo shines in creative and spotlight careers, Virgo excels in detailed and analytical fields, and Libra is a natural diplomat. Scorpio delves into transformation, Sagittarius seeks freedom and wisdom, and Capricorn climbs to leadership. Aquarius innovates and humanitarian roles, and Pisces embraces healing and compassion. Ultimately, your Midheaven sign guides you toward a fulfilling career aligned with your innate talents and aspirations.

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