Love for (Intuitive) Astrology is dedicated to exploring various astrological aspects. Today we will delve into the Moon square Pluto, Moon opposite Pluto, and Moon conjunct Pluto aspects in the natal chart. These planetary configurations involving Pluto often present challenges, and as someone with a strong Pluto placement myself, I aim to offer insights from both an astrological and personal perspective. Rather than passing judgment, my goal is to help you understand these aspects and provide tips for healing and working with them. Check out in your own chart in which house Pluto is located and in which house the Moon is located. This will help you understand its dynamics.

The Meaning of the planet of Pluto

Before diving into the specific aspects, it’s crucial to grasp the significance of Pluto in astrology. Pluto is a powerful planet associated with control, power, and the hidden aspects of life. Often referred to as the ruler of the underworld, Pluto represents the depths of our psyche and the subconscious. Understanding what lies beneath the surface allows us to bring it into the light, fostering greater peace within ourselves and our relationships.

Moon – Emotions and the Mother

In the context of these aspects, it is essential to examine the role of the Moon in astrology. The Moon represents our emotions, feelings, and the mother figure. When we discuss the Moon’s interaction with Pluto, we are essentially exploring the dynamics between our emotional landscape and the transformative energy of Pluto.

Moon Square Pluto

The Moon square Pluto aspect signifies tension and conflict between the power of Pluto and our emotions governed by the Moon. Individuals with this aspect often experience an early realization that by suppressing their emotions, they can exert control or power over others or even themselves. This pattern is frequently influenced by their relationship with a mother figure who may have been emotionally distant, narcissistic, or unable to handle their own emotions.

In response, individuals with Moon square Pluto learn to withhold their emotions, viewing them as unsafe. This can lead to attracting emotionally intense people into their lives, as they seek to provoke emotions externally to reawaken their internal emotional world. However, this approach can result in controlling behavior, a cold exterior, and difficulties in expressing vulnerable emotions. The key to healing this aspect lies in finding a balance between embracing emotions, setting healthy boundaries, and expressing oneself authentically.

Moon Conjunct Pluto

The Moon conjunct Pluto aspect occurs when the Moon and Pluto are closely aligned in the birth chart. In this configuration, emotions and power become closely intertwined. Individuals with this aspect often grew up with a powerful and protective mother figure or one who exhibited controlling behaviors. Consequently, they may have learned to suppress their emotions entirely, leading to an eventual emotional explosion or overwhelming feelings.

People with Moon conjunct Pluto often possess a deep understanding of emotions and have an uncanny ability to read others. However, they may struggle to acknowledge their own emotions, which can lead to power struggles within relationships. By embracing vulnerability, individuals with this aspect can tap into their immense power and use their emotional depth to support and transform others. Journaling, meditation, and introspection are valuable practices for developing a healthy relationship with emotions.

Moon Opposite Pluto

The Moon opposite Pluto aspect involves a balance between power and emotions. Individuals with this aspect may swing between periods of emotional intensity and emotional suppression, struggling to find equilibrium. They may have grown up with a manipulative or overly emotional mother figure, leaving them uncertain about when and how to express their own emotions.

This aspect can manifest in relationships as a transactional approach to emotions. Individuals may seek to control others’ feelings, believing that if they can make others experience what they feel, they will gain a sense of understanding. However, this dynamic can lead to power struggles and difficulties in maintaining healthy emotional connections. Finding a middle ground, allowing oneself to experience and express emotions while.


In conclusion, exploring the Moon square Pluto, Moon opposite Pluto, and Moon conjunct Pluto aspects in astrology provides valuable insights into the dynamics between our emotions and the transformative energy of Pluto. These aspects often present challenges and can be influenced by our relationship with the mother figure. However, by understanding and working with these aspects, we can heal and transform ourselves.

For individuals with Moon square Pluto, finding a balance between embracing emotions, setting boundaries, and expressing vulnerability is crucial. By releasing the need for control and allowing the authentic expression of emotions, healing can occur.

Those with Moon conjunct Pluto possess immense emotional depth and power. By acknowledging and embracing vulnerability, they can harness their transformative abilities to support and uplift others.

For individuals with Moon opposite Pluto, finding a balance between emotional intensity and suppression is key. Developing healthy emotional connections and relinquishing the desire to control others’ feelings can lead to greater emotional well-being and harmonious relationships.

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