In the upcoming New Moon in Aquarius 2024, astrologer Michelle highlights the significant impact this celestial event will have, particularly on fixed signs. Occurring at 20° and 40 minutes, this new moon forms a tense square aspect with Uranus, symbolizing abrupt changes.

Michelle suggests that this may even manifest as literal storms in the world, given the Earth-Uranus alignment. On a personal level, individuals may experience chaos and upheaval in their lives, which is not to be feared but embraced as a catalyst for necessary change and growth. This stellium in astrology brings forward all the uncomfortable, that you thought you could skip. It is time to dive deep and confront the uncomfortable.

Surrendering to Change and Letting Go of Karma

Michelle delves into the astrological landscape, emphasizing the importance of surrender during this New Moon. She highlights the presence of Saturn in Pisces transit, Pisces the sign of surrender and unity with consciousness, and Pluto’s influence, which encourages us to release control over external circumstances and focus on inner power.

The key message is to let go of what no longer serves our highest good and to embrace change as an essential element of growth and transformation, even if it means confronting suppressed anger and emotions.

Soulmate Keen

Embracing Community, Purpose, and Inner Alignment

Michelle encourages her viewers to focus on finding their communities and connecting with others during this New Moon in Aquarius 2024. She emphasizes that it’s not about creating divisions but about recognizing equality and individual paths.

She advises individuals to reflect on their inner alignment, passions, and purpose in a world marked by shifting energies and the exposure of hidden truths. By doing so, they can contribute positively to the collective consciousness and create a new world emphasizing unity and respect for one another’s journeys.

New Moon in Aquarius 2024 for your Zodiac Sign

In the year 2024, the New Moon in Aquarius brings forth a wave of transformative energies that will influence everyone, regardless of their sun, moon, or rising signs. This celestial event promises to impact each zodiac sign uniquely, guiding us to explore its effects on various aspects of our lives. From personal growth and relationships to career and financial matters, the New Moon in Aquarius 2024 offers a chance for self-discovery and positive change.

In the following sections, we’ll delve into how this cosmic event may influence each zodiac sign, shedding light on the opportunities and challenges it presents for everyone’s journey of self-awareness and growth.

Aries Sun, Moon, Rising

For Aries, the New Moon in Aquarius in the 11th house shines a spotlight on friendships and community dynamics. There may be suppressed anger or unresolved issues with friends or within a specific community that need addressing. With Pluto’s presence, it’s a time to assess who truly has your best interests at heart within your circle. Uranus in the second house can bring financial matters into the mix, cautioning against lending money or covering bills for others unless you’re comfortable doing so.

The Saturn-Jupiter sextile in the second house indicates a favorable period for financial planning and growth. However, it’s essential to strike a balance between giving and receiving in both relationships and finances. The New Moon’s sextile with the North Node and Chiron suggests a need to find equilibrium and heal past wounds related to self-worth and generosity. Aries is encouraged to focus on self-care and maintaining balance in all aspects of life during this transformative lunar phase.

Taurus Sun, Moon, Rising

Taurus for you the New Moon in Aquarius in 2024 holds transformative energies, especially if their sun, moon, or rising sign falls within the early degrees of Taurus. With Aquarius in their 10th house and Pluto’s in Aquarius transit to their Midheaven, they may confront issues related to their public image and career path.

This alignment prompts an ego-deepening journey, urging them to shed ego-driven patterns. The square aspect with Uranus in the first house could lead to sudden changes in their job or life direction, pushing them to embrace their true passions. Balancing work, personal growth, and friendships is essential during this transformative phase, fostering self-awareness and authentic growth.

Gemini Sun, Moon, Rising

For Gemini individuals, the New Moon in Aquarius of 2024 falls in their 9th house, emphasizing travel and higher learning. However, this lunar event is squared by Uranus in the 12th house, which might bring restlessness and difficulty sleeping during trips or while awaiting important results, such as exam outcomes.

Saturn’s presence in the 10th house or Midheaven in astrology indicates increased work responsibilities, challenging their determination. Jupiter in the 12th house encourages spiritual healing and deeper exploration of esoteric subjects, potentially leading some Geminis to become spiritual teachers. Caution is advised regarding overextending oneself in helping others, as maintaining boundaries is crucial for personal growth.

Cancer Sun, Moon, Rising

Cancer for you the New Moon in Aquarius of 2024 falls in the eighth house, marking the beginning of a transformative journey. This transformation involves reevaluating relationships, particularly with Pluto’s influence, which may lead to either a deeper connection or separation, including the possibility of divorce. With Capricorn in the seventh house, Cancer individuals prioritize stability and commitment in their relationships, shedding light on suppressed feelings and the need for genuine partners.

Self-worth becomes a central theme, urging Cancer to raise their value and reassess their desires. Exploring spiritual and occult subjects is highlighted, but it’s essential to use this knowledge with respect and light. Expanding one’s community is favored with Jupiter in the 11th house, but caution is advised when lending money to friends.

Maintaining boundaries and self-belief is crucial, particularly in the realm of work. Cancer individuals are encouraged to embrace effective communication in their relationships and preserve their energy for self-care and growth.

Leo Sun, Moon, Rising

Leo for you the New Moon in Aquarius of 2024 falls in the seventh house, bringing challenges to partnerships, especially for early degree Leo Rising. Pluto’s presence, coupled with a Mars conjunction, may stir up anger and suppressed emotions within relationships. Uranus in the tenth house squares this new moon, potentially causing disturbances between work and personal life.

Those with early degrees between 0 and 5 may experience Pluto opposing their sun or moon, leading to projections and karmic healing. However, Jupiter in the tenth house offers abundant job opportunities until May’s end. Leo individuals are encouraged to shine, follow their passion, and take charge of their lives. Saturn’s influence in the eighth house emphasizes healing and transformation, particularly regarding family and childhood experiences. This karmic month serves as an opportunity for growth and healing.

Virgo Sun, Moon, Rising

Virgo for you the New Moon in Aquarius 2024 takes place in the sixth house, focusing on health, routines, and work. With Uranus ruling this house, you prefer a dynamic and non-repetitive work environment. This new moon squares Uranus in the ninth house, hinting at unexpected work-related trips or challenges in integrating knowledge into your job.

Pluto now resides in your sixth house, urging you to pay attention to your health and well-being. Saturn in the seventh house brings karmic relationship lessons, possibly impacting partnerships. However, Jupiter in the ninth house promises abundant opportunities and travel experiences until May’s end. Keep learning, stay curious, and embrace change.

Libra Sun, Moon, Rising

For Libra individuals, the New Moon in Aquarius occurs in the fifth house, highlighting matters of romance, children, hobbies, and self-expression. With Pluto now in Aquarius, you might encounter challenges in your relationships with children or uncover suppressed emotions related to your inner child. The conjunction of Mars with Pluto adds an element of anger or conflict, potentially affecting romantic interests or relationships with children. Additionally, with Kiron in the seventh house, there may be a tendency to overgive in relationships, leading to fear of rejection. This is a time for reconnecting with your authentic self and your community, healing past relationship wounds, and managing financial matters related to children. Overall, it’s a period of introspection and growth in self-worth and finances.

Scorpio Sun, Moon, Rising

Scorpio for you the New Moon in Aquarius 2024 falls in your fourth house, bringing challenges related to family matters, especially if you are an early Rising Scorpio. This period may trigger significant changes within your family, potentially causing upheaval. For Scorpio Suns or Moons, a square aspect between Pluto and your natal position can lead to emotional challenges, requiring you to face suppressed feelings and past memories. You might also confront issues related to your identity, ego, and authenticity.

On the positive side, Jupiter in the seventh house indicates a romantic cycle until the end of May, bringing potential partners into your life. However, Uranus Square the new moon suggests some disruptions in family dynamics due to unconventional choices in your love life. Overall, this is a transformative period that encourages healing and embracing your authentic self.

Sagittarius Sun, Moon, Rising

Sagittarius for you the New Moon in Aquarius 2024 falls in your third house, highlighting communication and curiosity. This placement encourages a curious and scientific mindset, making you open to exploring unconventional ideas. Pluto’s presence in the third house intensifies your obsession with certain subjects, potentially leading to expertise in a specific area. However, the New Moon’s square aspect with the sixth house hints at potential health-related concerns or overthinking, possibly related to work or sibling dynamics.

Financially, it’s a good time but consider financial planning. Unexpected opportunities, especially in the form of new clients, may arise. Embrace healing during this transformative February, focusing on resolving frustrations and embracing your whole self. Additionally, embark on a short trip to refresh your energy and listen to your body’s messages for self-improvement. In your work, find ways to contribute and serve others, allowing your creativity to flow.

Capricorn Sun, moon, rising

Capricorn individuals for you the New Moon in Aquarius illuminates your second house, emphasizing finances, self-worth, and resources. Pluto’s presence in this house suggests a transformation in your approach to money, encouraging a willingness to let it flow and not cling too tightly. However, the New Moon squares Uranus in the fifth house, possibly causing sudden financial discussions or needs related to children or romantic partners.

Mars and Venus in the first house add determination and charm but may also bring forth unresolved anger or identity issues. This February is a healing month, requiring you to address frustrations and old wounds. Despite this, Jupiter in the fifth house promises romantic opportunities and personal growth until May.

Aquarius Sun, Moon, Rising

Aquarius for you the New Moon on February 9th at 20° brings significant changes and challenges, particularly if you have planets at that degree in your birth chart. This New Moon is in a square aspect with Uranus in the fourth house, indicating potential unexpected developments related to your home, such as sudden moves, renovations, or changes in living arrangements. Pluto’s presence in Aquarius, especially for those with early-degree birthdays, intensifies these transformative experiences.

The Mars-Pluto conjunction suggests a surge of anger and transformation, particularly in relationships with parents or family. Embrace this change as it leads to higher consciousness and personal growth.

Financially, it’s a time to save and work diligently for your money. Saturn’s departure from the second house allows more financial freedom, but discipline is still necessary.

You may receive support from your family or chosen family during this transformative period, potentially leading to a beautiful and fulfilling home life. Focus on manifesting your desires while breaking down karmic obstacles.

Some Aquarius individuals may be business leaders, and this transformation will strengthen your leadership abilities and boundaries, ultimately leading to success. Property and real estate are particularly emphasized now.

Embrace this New Moon’s energy for personal growth, and trust that everything you need will come at the right time. Be patient and know that these transformative experiences will lead to a brighter future.

Pisces Sun, Moon, Rising

For Pisces individuals, the New Moon on February 9th occurs in your 12th house, marking a period of rest and introspection as you prepare for your upcoming birthday cycle. It’s a time for solitude, meditation, and self-reflection.

Venus and Mars in the 11th house are conjunct Pluto, which might bring about feelings of anger or frustration within your social circles or regarding your work. Consider detaching from these situations temporarily, as it could help you gain perspective and assess whether they align with your goals and values.

This New Moon squares Uranus in the third house, possibly leading to sleep disturbances due to a flurry of ideas and thoughts. Use this time to plan and organize your brilliant ideas privately, as they may later become public projects.

Saturn in the first house brings responsibilities, but you’ll receive assistance from siblings or neighbors in managing them. Some Pisces, especially those with Moon in Pisces, may experience a temporary low in energy as they transform, leading to personal growth and a shift in priorities.

Affirmations like “I am a yes person” and “It’s safe to look within for my peace of mind” can help you maintain a positive outlook during this reflective period. Embrace change and say yes to opportunities and prosperity.

In matters of love, embrace the support and ideas that your partner can offer, or seek a connection where you both complement each other. For singles, reflect on your ideas before sharing them with others.

This month, prioritize self-reflection and inner peace and trust that this period of transformation will lead to positive changes and personal growth.

Conclusion New Moon in Aquarius 2024

The New Moon in Aquarius in 2024 brings a profound energy shift, encouraging innovation, progress, and individuality. With Aquarius’s influence, collective consciousness and humanitarian values take center stage. This celestial event encourages us to break free from old patterns, embrace change, and challenge societal norms. Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, amplifies the desire for unconventional thinking and pushing boundaries. It’s a time to envision a brighter future and embark on unique paths toward personal and collective growth. This New Moon invites us to harness our inner creativity, adaptability, and visionary thinking to initiate positive transformations in our lives and the world around us.

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