New Moon in Pisces: A Time of Intuitive Growth

The upcoming New Moon in Pisces 2024 on March 10th, poised at 20 degrees and 16 minutes, heralds a phase of significant astrological influence, especially for those with planetary placements around this degree in their natal chart. Michelle, an intuitive astrologer, merges her deep astrological knowledge with her innate intuition to offer insights into this celestial event. This period is marked by a sense of release and relief following the intense influences of Pluto and Saturn in the preceding months. With all planets moving directly, the atmosphere is ripe for pursuing new projects and initiatives.

This New Moon invites us to embrace the flow of life, encouraging a blend of Air and Water energies to foster intellectual and emotional harmony. The scarcity of Fire energy, typically the catalyst for enthusiasm, prompts a more reflective approach, emphasizing intuition and creativity over action.

The Astrological Implications for All Signs

Michelle’s analysis extends beyond the general impact of the New Moon in Pisces, offering tailored advice for each zodiac sign. She stresses the importance of watching not only your Sun sign but also your Rising and Moon signs for a comprehensive understanding. This celestial event is characterized by its sextile with Uranus, promising flashes of insight and inspiration. The conjunction with Neptune, though slightly distant, will still influence heightened creativity and spiritual connection.

This is an opportune time for meditation, artistic endeavors, and listening to your inner voice, allowing intuition to guide your actions and decisions. The presence of Venus and Mars in Aquarius adds a humanitarian twist, urging us to step out of our comfort zones and embrace our authentic selves.

A Time for Authenticity and Healing

This New Moon’s configuration offers a unique opportunity for personal growth and healing, particularly through acknowledging and integrating our intuitive selves. Michelle shares her journey of embracing her intuitive abilities, highlighting the transformative power of self-acceptance. The astrological landscape encourages us to confront our insecurities and fears, providing a chance to heal and move forward with confidence. This period is not just about introspection but also about practical action, as Earth signs prompt us to bring our ideas to fruition.

The emphasis on Water energy guides us to trust our emotions and feelings as navigational tools. As we navigate the challenges and opportunities this New Moon presents, we are reminded that true growth comes from embracing our authentic selves and allowing creativity and joy to lead the way.

New Moon in Pisces 2024 for all signs

As the New Moon in Pisces graces the skies in 2024, it ushers in a wave of emotional depth, heightened intuition, and creative potential for all zodiac signs. This celestial event, occurring in the mystical and dreamy sign of Pisces, encourages a period of introspection and personal growth, inviting us to dive deep into our subconscious and embrace the fluidity of our emotions. For each sign, this New Moon offers unique opportunities to connect with their innermost desires, release what no longer serves them, and set intentions that align with their true path. Let’s explore what this means for every sign in the zodiac.


For Aries during the New Moon in Pisces 2024, it’s a time of introspection and spiritual renewal, focusing on the release of old karmic cycles to embrace new beginnings. This period emphasizes patience and inner reflection, as the Pisces energy activates your 12th house in astrology, urging a connection with your subconscious and intuitive side.

With Mercury stimulating communication, it’s an ideal time for creative expression and meditation, rather than external action. This phase also hints at transforming friendships and reassessing financial ties with peers. Embrace the flow of change, allowing yourself to let go of what no longer serves your growth and prepare for a period of significant personal and financial expansion.


Taurus, for you the upcoming New Moon in Pisces 2024 shines a spotlight on the 11th house, emphasizing friendships, communities, and networking. This period may bring mixed feelings about social commitments or professional networking events, urging you to discern your energy from others. With Jupiter in the first house, it’s an auspicious time to chase your dreams, whether they involve workshops, teaching, or other group activities.

This New Moon encourages reflection through interactions with others, nudging you towards a tighter, more committed circle of friends. As Pluto pushes you towards your rightful career path, embrace the transformative energy to let go of the old and make way for new beginnings, highlighting the importance of creativity, resilience, and openness to change in your journey.


Gemini, for you the New Moon in Pisces 2024 positions itself in your 10th house or on the midheaven in astrology, heralding a period of new work opportunities coupled with the necessity for increased effort. Saturn’s presence here may introduce a sense of heaviness or added responsibility, particularly in career advancements or during work-related travels.

This phase encourages embracing challenges as lessons in responsibility, with the promise of rewards for your perseverance. Meditation and spiritual practices are recommended to manage the stress of heightened work demands. Despite the potential for sleepless nights and travel delays, this is a time for Geminis to grow, learn, and possibly explore new faiths or belief systems, signaling a phase of significant spiritual and professional development.


Cancer, for you the New Moon in Pisces 2024 illuminates your 9th house, inspiring travel, spiritual growth, and new learning opportunities. While the journey may involve rigorous practices or commitments, it’s an invaluable chance to cleanse karma and deepen your understanding. This period demands discipline alongside surrender; learning new skills or languages could be on the horizon, especially if travel is involved.

Relationships may heat up, thanks to Venus and Mars in the 8th house, but caution is advised in financial dealings with friends. Embrace this transformative phase by committing to personal and spiritual development, navigating through challenges with faith in your abilities and the resilience to rise anew, like a phoenix from the ashes.


Leo, of you the New Moon in Pisces 2024 brings transformative energies to your 8th house, indicating a period of profound change and the shedding of old patterns. This time calls for commitment to personal growth, especially in relationships and financial matters like debts and legal cases. With Neptune’s foggy influence, ensure clarity in all legal and financial documents by seeking second opinions.

Jupiter in your 10th house opens up career opportunities, urging you to pursue your life purpose with enthusiasm. However, be prepared for secrets to surface, both yours and others, prompting a reevaluation of relationships and personal integrity. Embrace this phase with courage, letting go of what no longer serves you to fully step into your power and potential.


Virgo, for you the New Moon in Pisces illuminates your 7th house of relationships, introducing a blend of confusion and desire for commitment. Neptune’s influence may cloud your judgment with rose-colored glasses, urging you to listen closely to your intuition about your partnerships. If traveling, communication might get tangled, especially if work obligations interfere with leisure plans, leading to frustration.

This period is ripe for Virgos involved in technical, scientific, or astrological fields, hinting at lucrative opportunities and the possibility of remote work. Embrace this time to unleash your creativity, heed the messages of your dreams, and navigate through any financial or emotional turbulence with the support of colleagues and a focus on manifesting your goals. Besides that, with Jupiter in the 9th house, it is a great time to travel.

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For Libra, the New Moon in Pisces highlights your 6th house, focusing on work and creative endeavors. While Neptune blurs the lines, making some aspects of work seem unclear, Saturn in Pisces Transit conjunct this new moon demands hard work and commitment, especially in your professional life and health routines. This period might bring extra responsibilities, urging you to manage your workload effectively and maintain your health.

Amidst the potential for confusion and busyness, there’s an encouragement to embrace the flow of life without trying to control every outcome. Embrace this time to unleash your creativity, address any relationship uncertainties, and navigate through life with a more relaxed, trusting approach, allowing things to unfold naturally.


Scorpio, the New Moon in Pisces activates your 5th house, spotlighting romance, children, and creativity. This period might inspire you to dedicate more time to a beloved hobby or welcome a new romantic chapter. With Saturn’s influence, commitment becomes a key theme, whether in nurturing your talents or deepening relationships.

Pluto’s presence in your 4th house signals transformative shifts within the family dynamic, urging an acceptance of truths and changes beyond your control. Embrace letting go of rigid expectations, especially in love, and allow the universe to guide you to unexpected joys and connections. This time calls for embracing change, pursuing creative passions, and navigating family and housing matters with honesty and openness.


Sagittarius, the New Moon in Pisces illuminates your 4th house, focusing on family dynamics and home life. You may experience slight improvements in family relationships or find support in caring for a parent. The presence of Saturn demands hard work, particularly in home-related matters, while Neptune introduces some confusion, urging you to clarify responsibilities.

This period also hints at significant work opportunities, possibly prompting a reconsideration of your work environment. Be mindful in traffic and with family communications to avoid misunderstandings. Embrace this transformative phase with courage, as it matures and grounds you, enhancing empathy and appreciation for life’s lessons and the people around you.


Capricorn, the New Moon in Pisces lights up your 3rd house, stirring a focus on learning, studying, and elevating your creativity. Whether it’s embracing poetry or another form of creative writing, this period encourages you to express your feelings and ideas. Saturn’s presence demands commitment to these creative endeavors or studies, potentially leading to significant changes in how you approach work, possibly moving towards more independent projects or home-based work.

Jupiter in the 5th house signals expansion in the family or exploring new hobbies that could turn into a career. Embrace this time to break old cycles, particularly around self-worth and financial habits, while healing your inner child and allowing yourself to manifest dreams into reality.


Aquarius, the New Moon in Pisces highlights your 2nd house of finances, suggesting a period of monetary focus and potential good news related to income. Saturn’s presence demands responsible and mature handling of finances, urging savings and commitments aligned with your soul’s desires. Neptune may introduce some confusion, especially in contracts or real estate dealings, so clarity and organization are key.

This period also signifies a time of personal transformation, urging you to let go of outdated aspects of yourself to emerge stronger. Embrace changes in your professional or creative life, allowing yourself to explore new possibilities that align more closely with your true purpose and passions.


Pisces, the New Moon in Pisces significantly impacts your 3rd house, stirring learning, communication, and creativity. This period urges you to embrace your poetic talent or any creative endeavor, enhancing your skills and potentially leading to new opportunities or a shift in career direction. Saturn’s presence demands commitment and discipline, especially in personal growth and boundary setting, preparing you for greater responsibilities.

Challenges in communication, particularly while driving or dealing with stress, are highlighted. Embrace nature for inspiration and practice patience and meditation to navigate through this transformative phase. This time teaches valuable lessons in self-love and appreciation for the simpler aspects of life, encouraging a deeper connection with your true potential and desires.

Conclusion New Moon in Pisces 2024

The New Moon in Pisces 2024 heralds a period of profound emotional and spiritual growth across the zodiac. It invites introspection, urging individuals to connect with their intuition and embrace their creative impulses.

This celestial event emphasizes the importance of letting go of outdated patterns and commitments, particularly encouraging a focus on personal boundaries and self-care. It’s a time to seek harmony between practical responsibilities and the soul’s desires, potentially leading to transformative changes in personal and professional lives. For many, this New Moon is an opportunity to realign with their true path, fostering a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the universe.

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