Welcome to Love for Intuitive Astrology, your go-to source for astrological insights. In this article, we will delve into the upcoming Venus retrograde 2023 in Leo, a transformative period that holds immense potential for self-love, self-expression, and personal growth. Whether you have Leo in your natal chart or possess planets in Leo, this retrograde will leave a lasting impact on your journey. Join us as we explore the significance of Venus retrograde, the do’s and don’ts during this time, and how it will influence each zodiac sign.

Do’s & Don’ts’ Venus Retrograde

Below are the recommendation on what to do and what not to do during the upcoming Venus Retrograde that will start on the 22nd of July 2023. All of the below does not apply if your have Venus Retrograde in your Natal Chart. Life goes on as usual, or might even bring more opportunities your way.


  • Go internal and observe past and current relationships
  • Internalize the effects of your childhood reflecting in current relationships
  • Heal romantic relationships with your exes in person or behind the scenes
  • Reconnect with a partner that comes back and see what closure or opening comes up
  • Love yourself lots (work on internalizing self-love and Expression)
  • Reorganize your money matters if necessary
  • Spend time with your children and listen to their needs (how can you improve as a parent)
  • Dive into your creativity


  • Plastic surgery not recommended during Venus Retrograde
  • Do not make hasty decisions in relationships (ESPECIALLY new ones)
  • Huge investments can better wait
  • If you buy clothes make sure you can return them if necessary
  • No massive risky beauty treatments

The Power of Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde, commencing on July 22nd, 2023, and concluding on September 3rd, 2023, invites us to embark on a profound introspective journey. It serves as a catalyst for self-discovery, emphasizing the need to enhance our self-worth, love ourselves unconditionally, and attract abundance into our lives. During this period, we are encouraged to identify and overcome the internal barriers hindering our personal growth, paving the way for a more fulfilling existence.

Leo and the Fifth House

Leo governs the fifth house, symbolizing self-expression, romance, and creative endeavors. Ruled by the vibrant Sun, Leo craves visibility and embraces its creative nature. This retrograde period will highlight these aspects, igniting our passion for artistic pursuits, grand gestures, and playful self-expression. Moreover, as the fifth house also relates to children, this time might bring forth valuable insights on parenting, offering opportunities for growth and improved connections with our own children or those around us.

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Healing the Inner Child

A prominent theme during Venus retrograde in Leo is the healing of our inner child. Delving into our past, we can identify moments where our younger selves may have experienced hardship or lacked nurturing. By acknowledging and embracing our inner child, we can offer ourselves the love and compassion we may have missed. Visualize wrapping your inner child in a warm embrace, acknowledging their resilience and granting forgiveness for past challenges. Embracing playfulness and reconnecting with our creativity will also be instrumental in this healing process.

Unleashing Creativity

Leo’s influence extends to creativity, acting, writing, and storytelling. This retrograde period urges us to explore these expressive outlets, regardless of whether we identify as introverts or extroverts. Creativity manifests in various forms, and now is the time to break free from any self-imposed limitations. Embrace the artistic endeavors that resonate with your soul, allowing your unique creativity to shine.

Revisiting Past Relationships

Mercury retrograde, occurring simultaneously with Venus retrograde, adds an additional layer of significance to this period. It heralds a time of revisiting the past and healing unresolved issues. Expect the return of old friends or former lovers seeking closure or a chance to reconnect. It’s crucial to approach these interactions with openness and receptiveness, as they may hold valuable insights or opportunities for growth.

This period also presents an ideal opportunity for self-reflection on relationship needs, desires, and communication patterns. Use this time to gain clarity on what you truly seek in relationships and to express your needs openly and honestly.

Navigating Romantic Challenges

For those in committed relationships, Venus retrograde 2023 provides an ideal moment to assess and improve the dynamics of your partnership. Engage in open and honest conversations with your partner, discussing what is essential to both of you. Express your desire for romance, grand gestures, and meaningful connections. By sharing your needs and fostering clear communication, you can enhance the quality of your relationship. However, it is advisable to postpone major relationship decisions or initiating new romantic connections until after the retrograde, as the energy may be uncertain during this period.

Financial Considerations

Venus retrograde 2023 in Leo also impacts our financial decisions. While it’s generally not the best time for significant financial investments or launching new ventures, revisiting past projects or endeavors may yield positive results. Use this period to evaluate your financial goals, assess your spending patterns, and redefine your relationship with money. Practicing financial mindfulness and refraining from impulsive purchases will contribute to long-term stability and abundance.

All the Signs for Venus Retrograde 2023

Let’s now dive into all the different signs and how they will be effected during Venus Retrograde 2023. These are general descriptions, if you want to learn about what it means according to your natal chart, you can book a reading with me here. I recommend you to read your Sun Sign, Ascendant sign and last your Moon Sign.

Aries: Self-Love, Healing the Inner Child, and Romantic Reflections

Inner conflicts may arise within you, Aries, as you navigate your role as a parent. While it’s natural to give to your children, remember the importance of receiving love and care for your own well-being. Reflect on any instances where you may be placing excessive demands on your children, and strive to fulfill your own self-love needs to maintain balance. Use this Venus retrograde as an opportunity to heal your inner child by addressing past experiences of feeling unseen, bullied, or unloved.

Write a heartfelt love letter to yourself, appreciating your positive qualities, and extend compassion to your inner child, affirming their worthiness of love and affection. Embrace romantic encounters from the past during this retrograde, focusing on closure and personal growth. Reflect on your current relationship dynamics, express your desires openly, and engage in creative pursuits that evoke the joy and passions of your inner child.

Taurus: Reflections on Family, Home, and Self-Love

During the Venus retrograde in Leo, Taurus, the retrograde motion occurs in your fourth house, representing your roots, family, and home. This period may bring forth issues within your family dynamics, making you feel unloved or desiring a different treatment from your loved ones. Use this time for reflection, allowing you to gather your thoughts and address these concerns in the future. Express your feelings to your family members, whether it’s about their words or their actions, fostering open and honest communication.

When it comes to your home, you may find yourself dissatisfied with the current decor or design. However, it’s advisable to refrain from undertaking significant makeovers during this period. Instead, jot down ideas and plans for future improvements, executing them once the retrograde has passed. If you’re currently in the process of buying a house, be thorough in reading and understanding the contract, especially regarding financial aspects. Ensure that all money-related matters are dealt with honestly and transparently. Money issues within the family may also arise, so approach such discussions with tact and strive for fair resolutions.

Gemini: Embracing Communication and Self-Expression

For Gemini, Venus retrograde occurs in the third house, coinciding with Mercury retrograde (for some period), the ruling planet of Gemini. This alignment emphasizes communication. Gemini individuals are natural communicators and may excel in inspirational speaking. However, this period prompts self-reflection on communication blocks. It may involve addressing issues with siblings, such as unresolved conflicts or jealousy.

The focus extends to self-perception, allowing Gemini to embrace their own beauty and overcome comparisons. It’s a time to reflect on educational pursuits and consider past studies or upcoming courses. Short trips to familiar places are favored, while creative writing and storytelling skills can be developed or revisited. Gemini should explore what inhibits them from fully expressing themselves and take steps to address these blocks.

Cancer: Exploring Self-Worth and Financial Matters

During Venus retrograde, Cancer focuses on the second house, which represents money and self-worth. This period prompts reflection on personal value and the connection between self-worth and financial abundance. Cancer individuals may experience feelings of inadequacy or question their earnings in relation to their efforts. It’s a time for deep self-reflection, meditation, and exploring the blocks that hinder financial success.

Cancer should consider their passions and how to create a solid plan for achieving their desired lifestyle. It’s important to strike a balance between following dreams and maintaining a grounded approach, creating a safety net while pursuing their aspirations. Cancer should assess their self-worth and develop strategies to attract the financial abundance they desire, aligning their work with their passions.

Leo: Self-Love and Identity Exploration

Leo, Venus retrograde takes place in your first house, the realm of identity, leadership, and self-love. This period offers a profound opportunity for self-healing and understanding the blocks that hinder your personal growth. It is a time to delve into energy healing and uncover the reasons behind any feelings of inadequacy that prevent you from stepping into your true purpose. While self-reflection and meditation are encouraged, it is not advisable to make significant changes to your appearance during this retrograde.

Instead, focus on developing a strong sense of self and purpose. In relationships, evaluate whether you can truly be yourself and if your partner loves you for who you are at the core. This retrograde sets the stage for a transformative year of pursuing your purpose and embracing self-love. Check your natal planets and consider the impact of the retrograde on your upcoming birthday

Virgo: Deep Subconscious Exploration and Past (life) Connections

Virgo, Venus retrograde occurs in your 12th house, leading to a profound dive into your subconscious mind. This is an ideal time for self-love hypnosis or reprogramming to address any blocks that hinder your personal growth. Past connections may resurface, including ex-lovers or individuals from past lives, requiring closure and discernment.

Be cautious of potential affairs and evaluate whether the person returning to your life is a divine counterpart or an energy drainer. Spending time alone in nature and engaging in creative activities will bring inner peace and spiritual growth. As a highly intuitive sign, tap into your intuition and enhance your spiritual skills. Be mindful of the overlap with Mercury retrograde, which amplifies the focus on the past. Avoid making significant changes to your appearance or lending money during this period. Embrace this time of self-reflection and energy healing to remove blocks and cultivate self-love as per your 12th house in Astrology.

Libra: Reassessing Friendships and Your Community

Libra, with Venus retrograde 2023 occurring in your 11th house, your focus turns to friendships and community. Reflect on who your true friends are and the level of comfort you feel in these relationships. Past friendships may resurface, providing an opportunity for closure or the potential to rekindle a connection. Use this time to forgive and release any lingering resentments.

Money-related matters within friendships, such as debts owed or owed to you, may also come to the forefront, requiring open communication. As Mercury retrograde overlaps with Venus retrograde, unresolved issues from the past need resolution. Additionally, examine what prevents you from feeling a sense of belonging and finding like-minded individuals. After the retrograde, you may be motivated to seek out the right community that allows you to shine and be your authentic self. Consider exploring workshops or activities that align with your interests and bring you joy.

Scorpio: Reflecting on Purpose and Work

Scorpio, Venus retrograde in your 10th house puts the focus on your public image and work. Take this time to reevaluate your current job and determine if it aligns with your heart and self-love. Assess whether you truly love what you do and if your work reflects your authentic purpose. It is not the ideal time to pursue new ventures, but rather a period for introspection and refining existing projects.

Consider revisiting past projects or jobs, adding new elements to enhance their completion. Financial aspects, such as investment needs, can also be examined and planned during this retrograde. Pay attention to your social media presence and consider any necessary changes to reflect your desired image. Be cautious of office affairs or relationships resurfacing, as Venus retrograde may lead to impulsive actions. Practice forgiveness towards past work-related experiences and focus on aligning with your purpose.

Sagittarius: Reflecting on Spirituality and Travel

For Sagittarius, Venus retrograde 2023 occurs in your 9th house, which relates to travel and spirituality. This period invites you to revisit past experiences and connections related to long-distance travel or abstract thinking. You may encounter someone from a past life or a previous relationship during a trip or through long-distance communication. It’s up to you to decide whether to reconnect or bring closure to these connections. Additionally, this retrograde highlights the opportunity to reengage with spiritual practices or belief systems that you previously explored but may have left behind.

Exercise caution with your spending while traveling, avoiding overspending and ensuring that the value matches the cost, especially when considering investing in courses or spiritual pursuits. This is also a favorable time to resume and complete unfinished educational endeavors. Embrace the wisdom gained from past experiences and embrace the spiritual journey that unfolds during this retrograde.

Capricorn: Exploring the Depths of Self and Finances

For Capricorn, Venus retrograde takes place in the 8th house, a realm of mystery and deep introspection. This period prompts you to delve into your psyche, examining aspects of self-love that may feel lacking or unfulfilled. You might revisit therapy or seek guidance from trusted professionals to unravel hidden emotions and address unresolved issues. The 8th house also governs inheritances, court cases, and divorce settlements, indicating that such matters may resurface for reevaluation and possible resolution.

Exercise caution when it comes to ending relationships during this retrograde, as hasty decisions may lead to later regrets. It’s advisable to take time for reflection and reconsideration before finalizing any major changes. The 8th house’s spiritual nature also invites exploration of mediumship, occult practices, and deepening spiritual connections. Additionally, you may reevaluate joint financial accounts and seek fairness in monetary arrangements. Use this period to gain clarity, revise financial matters, and engage in profound self-discovery.

Aquarius: Reflecting on Relationships and Partnerships

For Aquarius, Venus retrograde occurs in the 7th house, which governs partnerships, both romantic and business-related. This period prompts deep reflection on the nature of your current relationships. If you’re in a committed partnership, you’ll assess if the connection allows you to be your authentic self and whether it aligns with your needs and values. Singles may encounter past lovers returning or reflect on past relationships, seeking clarity on what went wrong and how to improve future connections. Be cautious of getting entangled in complicated situations or triangles.

Venus retrograde 2023 coinciding with Mercury retrograde intensifies the focus on healing past energies. Use this time to understand your true desires and evaluate what you seek in a partner. Business partnerships will also be under scrutiny, with a need to assess compatibility and long-term prospects. Allow yourself space for introspection and communicate openly with your partner about the reflective process. Remember, this introspection is about self-discovery, not self-absorption. Embrace the opportunity to gain insights and enhance your understanding of relationships.

Pisces: Reflecting on Health and Work

For Pisces, Venus retrograde occurs in the 6th house, which governs health, work, and daily routines. This period prompts deep introspection regarding your well-being. You’ll reevaluate your health habits, including diet and exercise, and consider what truly nourishes your body and makes your heart sing.

The focus is on finding a work routine that aligns with your values and allows you to be of service. Reflect on whether your current job brings you fulfillment and explore alternative schedules or roles that better suit your needs. This retrograde phase encourages self-care and addressing any health issues, particularly those related to the heart. Pay attention to your overall well-being and make adjustments as needed. If you have any planets in Leo in your 6th house, they will be extra affected. Consider your pets’ health as well and reconnect with animals that hold a special place in your heart. Overall, use this time to prioritize self-love and make choices that support your physical and emotional well-being.

Conclusion – Venus Retrograde 2023

In conclusion, Venus retrograde in Leo during 2023 brings a significant focus on matters related to love, self-worth, creativity, and relationships. It encourages us to reevaluate our values, examine our self-love and self-expression, and reflect on our romantic partnerships and friendships. This retrograde period prompts us to confront any blocks or insecurities that hinder our ability to fully embrace our authentic selves and to receive and give love freely.

Venus retrograde in Leo invites us to dive deep into our desires, assess the balance between giving and receiving, and reassess the dynamics within our relationships. It urges us to reflect on past experiences and make necessary adjustments to ensure our relationships align with our true needs and values.

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