The best Astrology Books Defined

The best astrology books are listed in a top 10 below. These are carefully chosen by me (Michelle), and have helped me on the path of becoming a professional astrologer. These books are both good for advanced learners and beginners in astrology. Each books will have a description of what it entails, so you know what you can expect. If you are looking for a book for yourself or a perfect astrology gift, here you can be inspired. 

1. The Twelve Houses -
Howard Sasportas

twelve houses best astrology books

“The Twelve Houses” by Howard Sasportas, a standout in the best astrology books, opened my eyes to the depths of astrological houses. Its detailed exploration and insights, enhanced by a new foreword and essays, make it an invaluable guide for anyone curious about astrology.

2. Pluto the evalutionairy Journey of the soul - Jeffrey Wolf Green

Pluto the evolutionary journey of the soul best books astrology

As someone with Pluto conjunct the ascendant, Jeff Wolf Green’s book is my personal favorite among the best astrology books. Its transformative insights ignited a deep, intuitive awakening in me, offering an essential guide for anyone seeking conscious evolution in their journey.

3. Saturn : A new Look at an old Devil
- Liz Greene

Liz Greene’s book transformed my view of astrology, showing me how Saturn’s challenges are opportunities for growth. Her insights into Saturn’s roles in various astrological aspects are enlightening, making it a must-read for anyone seeking deeper self-understanding and empowerment.

4. Sun Sign Moon Sign - Charley Harvey, Suzi Harvey

Sun sign moon sign best astrology books

Discovering “Sun Sign, Moon Sign” was eye-opening! It dives beyond the twelve Sun signs, combining them with Moon signs for a complete personality picture. It’s amazing how it accurately reveals traits and behaviors in love and life. A true astrological gem!

5. Aspects in Astrology -
Sue Tompkins

Aspects in Astrology Best astrology books

“Aspects in Astrology” by Sue Tompkins, a standout among the best astrology books, revolutionized my readings. Her real-life examples and comprehensive interpretations of every planetary combination brought my astrological understanding to life in a vibrant, practical way.

6. The Changing Sky
- Steven Forrest

the changing sky Best astrology books

“The Inner Sky” by Steven Forrest, a gem among the best astrology books, brilliantly guided me through predictive astrology. Its clear insights on transits, progressions, and synthesis deepened my understanding of life’s cycles and personal choices. A truly enlightening read!

7. A Handbook of Medical Astrology - Jane Ridder-Patrick

Medical astrology best astrology bookis

“A Handbook of Medical Astrology” has been a pivotal guide for me, beautifully merging ancient and contemporary astrological knowledge. It’s an essential read for anyone delving into the fascinating world of astro-medical consultations. Truly a treasure in my collection of best astrology books!

8. Astrology for the Soul -
Jan Spiller

astrology for the soul best astrology books

“Astrology for the Soul” by Jan Spiller was a transformative read for me. It unlocked new dimensions of self-awareness, especially through the enlightening role of the moon’s north node in the birth chart. This book is a must-have for astrology lovers!

9. The only astrology book you'll ever need - Joanna Martene Woolfolk

“The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need” is a comprehensive and enlightening guide that has significantly deepened my understanding of astrology. Its blend of traditional wisdom and modern insights makes it a standout in my collection of the best astrology books.

10. The Complete Guide to Astrology - louise Edington

complete guide to astrology astrology book

“The Complete Guide to Astrology” was a game-changer for me, offering a clear, inclusive approach that deepened my understanding from basic concepts to complex associations. It’s a treasure for anyone at any stage of their astrological journey. Especially one of the best astrology books for beginners. 

Overview Best Astrology Books

In conclusion, the world of astrology books is vast and rich, offering insights for both new beginners and professional astrologers. From the transformative teachings in “Astrology for the Soul” to the comprehensive wisdom of “The Complete Guide to Astrology,” each book opens a new window to understanding ourselves and the universe. Whether exploring the depths of medical astrology or the practical applications of birth charts, these books stand out as invaluable resources. They not only provide knowledge but also inspire personal growth and a deeper connection with the cosmic dance of the stars. Truly, they are treasures for anyone on an astrological journey.