Intuitive-astrology can provide you with answers to your questions, situations and/or experiences. Sometimes we are just stuck into our ways of living and we are blinded by the solutions around us. Intuitive-astrology will provide you with the answers by means of your astrology chart and a tarot reading.

Michelle is a professional astrologer and psychic and she is specialized in mindfulness and the esoteric. She is not here to deliver you the answers and it will appear like magic. She wants you to understand yourself from the root of your being so that you can work on your repetitive patterns and wounds in your life.

Life purpose and work

Are you not sure what your strengths are? Have you not discovered joy in your work and life yet. Do not hesitate to contact Michelle for more help.

By checking your birth chart (your soul imprint), she can see what kind of jobs would suite you. Would you be good as a boss or maybe you are super creative and you are not sure how to make money with that.

You are the master of your own destiny, but there is no shame in getting help sometimes. We all need to hear our lives from a different perspective sometimes.

Relationships and love in Astrology

Are you struggling in love? When is it the right time to look for your life partner? What type of partner are you looking for? Get your questions to these answers. There might be things going on on a higher level that you need to solve before the right partner can appear.

If you are already in a relationship and you are struggling or you would like to know how you can support each other, you can do a compatibility reading. This means that both birth data should be given during the reading and the astrologer will compare them in order to see where your couples strengths/goals are and it will discover where there could be some possible weaknesses/ struggles.

Family issues / support

Are you not sure where you stand in your family? Is there a disruption or are there feelings that you have missed? Do not worry nothing is too crazy to solve, if only you start with yourself and getting to know who you are. What is better than getting to know yourself than with astrology and an intuitive session.

Do not feel ashamed of your feelings as it is completely normal to be a bit out of balance. In your intuitive-astrology session we could work on the karma with your family, the past lives you had with them and your purpose in your family.

It does not mean that you family will be changed miraculously, it is about how to deal with it and what can you change in order to heal your family patterns etc.

Furthermore, you might be interested to know what your child will be like and how you can support them best. Nothing is more uplifting then information on how to raise your child with the best intentions. It is not always easy to raise a little human into a healthy grown adult.

Spiritual path explained

You might wonder; “what is my spiritual path?” How do I raise my vibrations and what can I do to become the master of my own life. In an intuitive-astrology reading Michelle can talk about how your soul can express itself best.

Being spiritual means for some people to become a guru and for other it is to become a farmer and grow organic food. There are not limitations to the answer as being spiritual literally means; “how can I be my best self? “

With her experience of a spiritual awakening she is happy to provide you with tips on how to open up your psychic senses and how to awaken faster by getting to know yourself and your limitations.

Get yourself a Intuitive – Astrology reading

If you became interested and enthusiastic on reading what intuitive-astrology can do for you, do not hesitate to book a reading with Michelle.

Self-development and acceptance is the key to a life that is more full of laughter, love and happiness, and that is everything we wish for you.