In this video and article, I will discuss the Full Moon in Aquarius 2023, which is set to occur on either the first or second of August 2023, depending on your location. It’s a supermoon, and in this rare occurrence, we will witness two full moons in August, happening about every two and a half years.

This first Full Moon will be at nine degrees in Aquarius, so it’s essential to check your own chart for planets near this degree as it will highly impact you. This Super Full Moon is also called the Sturgeon Moon, named after the Sturgeon Fish. Around the Sturgeon full moon the most Sturgeon fish were catched in North America, therefore, this famous name.

Embrace the Mystical Energy of the Full Moon in Aquarius 2023

As I define the details of the Full Moon in Aquarius 2023, let’s explore its fascinating connections with other celestial bodies. The moon’s square with Jupiter in Taurus might bring about a sense of self-indulgence and heightened emotions during this time. However, it’s crucial to be mindful of Mercury opposing Saturn, which may create a struggle to communicate and express our feelings adequately. Moreover, Venus being retrograde and squaring Uranus adds an element of unpredictability, potentially bringing back unexpected encounters or money matters.

Remember, this full moon can prompt sudden changes in love and relationships, so give yourself time to reflect and avoid hasty decisions.

Navigating the Complex Energies of the Full Moon

As the Full Moon in Aquarius approaches, it’s essential to be prepared for the intense energies it may bring. With Venus still retrograde and Uranus involved, there’s a chance of unexpected events and communication challenges.

This is a time to remain patient and introspective, especially since later in the month, Mercury will also station retrograde, adding to the confusion. Use this opportunity to reevaluate and revise old projects or ideas, just like I did with my websites. Embrace your restless nature and adventurous spirit, but remember to take time for self-reflection and exploration during this transformative astrological period.

Aries Sun, Moon, Rising

For Aries Sun, Moon, and Rising individuals, the Full Moon in Aquarius illuminates the 11th house, highlighting the urge for rebellion and spending time with friends. Engaging in creative pursuits with friends or rekindling old projects is favored during this period, though launching new ventures is not advisable.

Caution is needed to avoid impulsive spending, as Jupiter’s square with the full moon may tempt overspending in the second house. With Venus retrograde 2023 squaring Uranus, Aries might encounter unexpected expenses related to dating or children’s needs. It’s essential to prioritize health, as Mercury’s retrograde could trigger anxiety.

Emotions may be heightened, particularly regarding authority figures, but exploring frustrations can lead to valuable insights. Rest, seek solutions, and trust in Jupiter’s abundant opportunities.

Taurus Sun, Moon, Rising

For Taurus individuals, the Full Moon in Aquarius shines a light on their 10th house of career, sparking inspiration and ideas for their professional path. With Jupiter in their first house, a new journey is on the horizon, but the retrogrades may delay progress until mid-September.

Taurus’s optimistic attitude and focus on freedom in the workplace will attract the right opportunities and people. However, family dynamics may present challenges, with Venus retrograde squaring Uranus in the first house.

Taurus must stay true to themselves and not be swayed by others’ opinions. Beware of excessive pride and remain open to unexpected announcements or gifts. Overall, luck is on their side, and clarity about their desires will pave the way for a fulfilling future in their career journey.

Gemini Sun, Moon, Rising

For Gemini individuals, the Full Moon in Aquarius lights up their ninth house, inspiring a desire for travel and exploration.

Geminis are known for their curiosity and love of learning, making them inclined to seek out unique and culturally rich experiences during their trips. However, with Venus retrograde in their third house, communication may be a bit fuzzy, and misunderstandings could arise. It’s crucial for Geminis to avoid making rash decisions, especially in relationships, as Uranus squares Venus, leading to sudden outbursts or impulsive choices.

The Full Moon’s square with Jupiter in the twelfth house in astrology also warns against overindulgence. Geminis are advised to take time off for self-healing, meditation, and spiritual exploration during this phase of confusion, as clarity will eventually emerge.

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Cancer Sun, Moon, Rising

The Full Moon in Aquarius illuminates Cancer’s eighth house, bringing focus to financial matters and friendships. Tensions may arise over money-related issues, so it’s important for Cancerians to establish clear boundaries when lending or borrowing from friends.

This period may also lead to rekindling old friendships or meeting new like-minded individuals. With Venus retrograde in the second house, confusion around money matters might persist, urging caution when handling finances.

Family wishes could come true, and some Cancerians may have a desire to start or expand their families. However, it’s essential to take it easy during this time, especially with the South Node in the fourth house, emphasizing the need to let go and avoid excessive strain. It’s advised to be cautious with investments and cosmetic procedures, focusing instead on smaller, closer-to-home trips for a period of prosperity and abundance.

Leo Sun, Moon, Rising

Happy birthday, dear Leo! The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 1st or 2nd of August shines a light on your relationships and business partnerships. Early-degree Leo risings may experience significant shifts in their relationships, possibly reconnecting with past partners. Venus retrograde in your first house warns of potential financial confusion, urging caution in overspending or making impulsive decisions.

Emotions may arise regarding work and money, making communication essential in relationships. There could be some jealousy or dishonesty to navigate, but passion and love are strong themes during this time.

If encountering someone from the past, consider whether it’s a momentary fling or a serious connection worth exploring further. Trust your instincts to make the right decisions in love and finances. Happy birthday, Leo!

Virgo Sun, Moon, Rising

Dear Virgo, during this Full Moon in Aquarius, your focus is on finding balance between work and rest. With Aquarius in your sixth house and Jupiter in the ninth, consider taking a break, perhaps a relaxing holiday, to recharge and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Venus retrograde near your ascendant suggests avoiding drastic changes to your appearance, but a fresh look might still be on your mind. Pay attention to your health and take time to unwind, as stress and anxiety can affect you.

In relationships, be open and communicative, and trust your intuition when receiving criticism. Remember to let go and embrace the freedom of doing nothing sometimes. Find peace and harmony within, and the winds of change will bring you happiness.

Libra Sun, Moon, Rising

Dear Libra, during this Full Moon in Aquarius 2023, your focus shifts to relationships and balancing your time between children, friends, and potential romantic interests. Venus retrograde in the 11th house may bring confusion among friends, urging you to clarify your feelings and intentions.

Be true to yourself and don’t feel pressured to please others at the expense of your well-being. With Saturn opposing Mercury, pay attention to your health and seek help if needed. This is a time to embrace your inner strength and peace, allowing for personal growth and success. You may be experiencing significant changes in your life, freeing yourself from past cycles and choosing to prioritize your own happiness and growth.

Remember, accepting others doesn’t mean sacrificing yourself, and it’s okay to distance yourself from toxic influences. Trust your intuition and seek inner harmony to navigate through this transformative period.

Scorpio Sun, Moon, Rising

Dear Scorpio, this Full Moon in Aquarius shines a light on your fourth house, bringing your focus to family and home matters. You may find inspiration and ideas from your family, and this could be a great time to spend quality moments with them. However, with Venus retrograde in the 10th house, be cautious about rekindling old romantic flames or making hasty decisions in relationships.

Take time to evaluate your feelings and desires before committing to any major changes. Saturn opposing Mercury might bring some temporary confusion and irritation, but remember that patience and careful evaluation will guide you through this phase. Balance your life and avoid major changes for now.

Allow things to unfold, and the Wheel of Fortune will turn in your favor again. Focus on finding harmony and peace in your surroundings without rushing into any life-altering decisions. Trust your intuition and listen to your heart as you navigate through this transformative period.

Sagittarius Sun, Moon, Rising

This Full Moon in Aquarius 2023 illuminates your third house, encouraging you to embark on exciting travels or connect with your siblings. However, work demands may interrupt your holiday plans, so try to find a balance and take breaks in between.

Saturn’s influence in the fourth house might bring some family challenges, and it’s essential to address them rather than suppressing emotions. Embrace your spiritual journey during this time, consider a retreat, or resume a study that you left unfinished. Venus retrograde in the ninth house might rekindle connections with past lovers, but be cautious and wait until it ends for major decisions. Embrace the guidance and protection from higher powers as you navigate through karmic cycles in your family and relationship dynamics.

A new commitment, be it romantic or business-related, is on the horizon, bringing great happiness and harmony into your life. Find solace in music, as it brings you peace and joy. Hang in there, Sagittarius, take time for self-care, and trust that your journey will lead you to where you need to be.

Capricorn Sun, Moon, Rising

Hi Capricorn, this Full Moon in Sagittarius activates your second house, focusing your attention on financial matters. Be mindful of overspending and overindulgence, especially in romantic or family situations. Venus retrograde in the eighth house may bring back past relationships or financial matters, so proceed with caution and clarity before making any significant decisions.

Uranus in the fifth house can stir up unexpected encounters with ex-partners, adding intensity to the mix. Focus on effective communication and assert your needs without suppressing your emotions. Family responsibilities might feel burdensome due to Chiron’s influence in the fourth house.

Persevere and find inner strength as you navigate through these challenging times. The road to success may require patient and steady progress, but remember, change is on the horizon, and a transformation awaits you. Trust in your journey, as you are on the path to becoming a stronger, wiser version of yourself. Thank you for your love and support, and consider subscribing for more insightful videos.

Aquarius Sun, Moon, Rising

For Aquarius the Full Moon in your first house ushers in significant shifts in your love life and personal growth. Past wounds related to relationships may resurface, whether you are single or in a partnership. Take time to introspect and avoid making hasty decisions until Venus stations direct, especially if you’re meeting new people.

Early degree Aquarians will experience a profound transformation, guided by Pluto’s influence, which may shake up various aspects of life. Embrace the change and stay open to spiritual insights. Family situations might improve, but financial restrictions and cautiousness may create tensions.

Focus on your finances and communicate openly about money matters when you feel comfortable. This transformative phase may lead to leaving behind relationships that no longer serve you, empowering you to become the best version of yourself. Embrace the process, and remember that love and growth go hand in hand. Thank you for your support, and remember, you have the strength to shine brightly amidst any challenges.

Pisces Sun, Moon, Rising

For you this Full Moon in your 12th house calls for some much-needed rest and rejuvenation. Despite feeling a heaviness in your work, try not to overexert yourself and take time to recharge. Issues with finances and responsibilities may arise, but don’t shy away from discussing them with your partner or loved ones.

Venus retrograde may bring potential challenges in understanding each other, so patience and clear communication are vital. A short trip or a visit to your siblings may provide a pleasant diversion, but be prepared for work-related interruptions. Some of you might be craving a new beginning, perhaps in a romantic situation, and it’s time to reassess your financial strategies to progress further.

Stay strong and take things one step at a time, remembering to give yourself the free time needed to revise and perfect your endeavors. Embrace this light-hearted and carefree phase, knowing that Venus direct will bring opportunities for advancement.

Conclusion Full Moon in Aquarius 2023

The Full Moon in Aquarius of 2023 brings intense emotional and transformative energies to all zodiac signs. Relationships, especially with old wounds resurfacing, are under scrutiny, urging us to assess our connections honestly. Venus retrograde adds complexity, advising caution in matters of the heart. It’s a time for rest and self-reflection, as Saturn’s influence demands responsible handling of finances and work-related challenges. Pluto’s impact calls for embracing change and personal growth, even in the face of difficulties. With perseverance and a mindful approach, this Full Moon brings opportunities for inner transformation and sets the stage for positive changes ahead.

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